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Inside The Grenadier, London's Most Haunted Pub

On a secluded side street in London's Belgrave Square is The Grenadier, a pub famous for its ghosts and a reputation for being the most haunted pub in the city. Built in 1720, the little pub has served many purposes over the years but was originally used as an officers mess and was even visited by King George IV.

The creepy figure alleged to haunt the public house is named Cedric, a soldier who was beaten to death by his comrades outside the pub in 1818 after being cheated on a card game. Reportedly, the month the incident occurred was September, which is fittingly the month with the most paranormal activity in the pub. Since that date, a slowly moving, silent ghost has seen the rooms of the charismatic drinking area.

The name of the pub comes from Cedric himself, who was a grenadier. Modern advertisers who visit the pub put money on the ceiling to pay Cedric's debts; As a result, the pub is covered in banknotes from all over the world. However, it seems that even 200 years later, despite public help, his debts have not been fully paid off as Cedric continues to play pranks on customers and employees. Locals claim that they can sense Cedric's presence due to the frequent breakage of glasses.

A spokesman for The Grenadier said: "Objects seem to either disappear or move without explanation. Tables and chairs rattle inexplicably, as does an icy cold that resists the pub and lasts for days. Footsteps could be heard wandering in empty rooms, and from the depths of the cellar one can hear soft sighs again and again.

On one occasion it was reported that while the Chief Superintendent of New Scotland Yard was enjoying a drink in the pub, smoke was blowing around him. When he reached for the smoke, an invisible cigarette is said to have burned his hand.

This quirky pub oozes charm and has won the hearts of Knightsbridge residents, who come frequently for an evening drink. Unsurprisingly, the pub is also a hotspot for tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the supernatural specter. If you love all things paranormal, check out the Grenadier the next time you are in central London and enjoy its truly unique and fascinating story.

The Grenadier is at 18 Wilton Row, UK