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A question of taste for wedding cakes

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Inspired by the other thread, I would be interested in how you liked your wedding cake at all. When I read how much such a part costs ... phew.

We had homemade pies and cakes, so I can't vote.
However, I can say that at the many weddings that I have already attended, I have not even tasted the cake. It often looked nice, but the taste - brrrr. Buttercream or just filled with jam, each time way too sweet, too sticky / sticky. I don't know if my expectations are too high, but if a wedding cake from the pastry chef had been an option for us, it would have had to be with whipped cream or a fine cream. The dough is fluffy, just like a biscuit should be when it's fresh and homemade. In addition a nice ornament. And when the cake tastes like the best pastry chef I know (piece of cake between 2.50 and 3.20 EUR), then it is perfect; D

I've often asked myself that too!

I didn't have any myself (so I didn't vote) because I celebrated completely differently (I would have had a wedding quiche or something like that), but my sister's was a classic, multi-tiered, with roses on it, etc. Likewise, the other wedding cakes at the weddings I was invited to.

Personally, I don't like buttercream and it seems like wedding cakes only have buttercream, right?

Would be interesting if anyone here had a completely alternative wedding cake? Picture please!

A clear answer: I don't like wedding cakes.

I also find these things cheesy (I'll be forgiven). But I completely understand if they have to be present at a princess wedding with lavish dresses. It's just not my thing.

We didn't have any, but the cakes from friends were always classic, so I held back because I'm not a big cake eater.
Until the last weekend.
In addition to various homemade cakes and pies, the couple had a showpiece for 170 guests, namely an eight-tier ice cream cake.

Background: there is always someone who doesn't like fondant, buttercream, this or that.
But everyone eats ice cream cake. And so it was. There was almost nothing left.

If I would marry again - there would be ice cream cake: D

Just made of ice? :O

And it didn't melt away? How did that work logistically?

~ Grandma Netti ~:
My father-in-law made our cake, but he was a pastry chef. :) It didn't cost us anything either.

It was a three-tier cake with a checkerboard pattern inside. And somehow with chocolate cream. Yes, yes, it was very tasty. :)

And Martina's last year was also very tasty, it was something with strawberry cream or something. Actually, I've never been to a wedding where the cake wasn't delicious.


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