How do you fix a wall

Repair cracks in the wall - this is how it works

Possible consequential damage

Once the masonry has been attacked, further damage could be threatened. Moisture can penetrate the masonry through the existing cracks and completely wet it over time. This can also lead to further damage such as over-salted masonry or mold growth.

Cracks represent a further danger because they are thermal bridges. In the vicinity of the crack, the wall cools down, which can also lead to the formation of condensation inside and then to mold.

Ways to get rid of cracks

Smaller cracks can easily be filled with plaster. They are then eliminated for the time being. If the wall works, however, these cracks can reopen or even widen.

The better option is therefore a permanent, elastic closure of the cracks. The best way to do this is to use acrylic. How to do this is explained below.

Permanently eliminate cracks in the masonry - step by step

1. Measure the crack in the wall

First you should measure the wall crack (or the wall cracks, if there are several) exactly. You need the length of the crack and the width. You can choose a suitable joint filler profile based on these dimensions.

2. Widen the crack evenly

Joint profiles always have the same thickness, cracks are not. For this reason, you should widen the crack to the width of the joint profile in the narrow areas. Use a joint cutter (angle grinder (€ 48.74 at Amazon *) with joint cutter).

3. Insert the joint profile

Spray PU foam into the crack and press the joint profile firmly into it. Wait until the PU foam has hardened. After about an hour, cut off the excess foam.

4. Seal the joint

Coat the now closed joint with primer (€ 20.99 at Amazon *), let it dry and seal with acrylic. Mask the edges of the joint with painter's tape. When the acrylic has dried, the adhesion promoter can be painted on again and the repaired crack can be painted in a suitable color.

The permanent, elastic closure ensures that the crack cannot come back. This is how you should deal with all cracks if possible, otherwise they will keep multiplying over time.

Author: Johanna Bauer

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