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Online Advertising is constantly changing. New target groups are growing up with which user behavior changes. In addition, the technical possibilities for marketers are constantly evolving, while innovations are increasingly accompanied by new laws. If you keep a cool head in this exciting competitive field, you will gain advantages - so it pays off, even nowTrends for 2021 to take a look at.

Online advertising: the possibilities are increasing exponentially

The Internet has changed corporate communication significantly in recent years. This is particularly evident in the large variety of new instruments that enable contact and brand communication with the target group.

And this growth is by no means stagnating. Rather, every innovation itself enables numerous new marketing tricks. Or to put it another way: The Online advertising opportunities are by no means exhausted, on the contrary, they are becoming more and more numerous. At the same time, however, all the change also shows constants. In the following you can read what you can expect in terms of online advertising in 2021.

1. Facebook: “Instagram Reels” in response to TikTok

As early as 2019, Facebook tested a new function called "Reels". In 2020, the group expanded its Instagram network to include the short video feature. The function can be Upload and edit 15-second videos and add filters, sounds and music to them.

It's obvious what the new video feature reminds of: TikTok. With this, Facebook is reacting to the rapid success of the Chinese network. Because the new function offers almost exactly what users appreciate about TikTok - just on a platform that they already know.

This opens up new possibilities for your company: You can present your target group with a highly topical format, but at the same time use the well-known advertising manager from Facebook or Instagram. The format is also particularly suitable for one type of online advertising: the Influencer Marketing, which should also remain relevant for young target groups in 2021.

2. Focus on social networks: “Nindo” measures influencer performances

If you want to jump on the bandwagon of influencer marketing, you are not too late. On the contrary: the tools that help with this continue to spring up and are successful.

For the German-speaking area there has recently been a new website called Nindo, the Shows social media statistics clearly and collectively. Companies can see which topics are trending and find the reach, content and success figures of social media channels at a glance. This is particularly helpful when planning campaigns and researching relevant influencers.

The site was developed by a team Rezo, one of the most successful YouTubers in Germany. It's not the first tool that allows deeper insights into social media processes. In its Clarity and specialization for the German-speaking area but it is unique.

With the website, a development of the last few years is consolidating: While influencer marketing has long been considered a niche, short-lived trend, it has now become an integral part of the online marketing mix. Now Nindo can help your business monetize the measure and evaluate it in figures.

3. Search engine marketing: SEO continues to focus on content

Gone are the days when it was all about keywords and links to get a good ranking in search engine results. Content matters today. For 2021, the Google algorithm is expected to support the Quality of the content on a page will be included in the evaluation even more than before.

Instead of indexing keywords, the algorithm gets better and better at to "think" semantically. In 2021, he will probably be able to evaluate even better whether content is actually user-friendly. It is therefore essential for a brand to position itself online with relevant content. So the releases really should advising, informing and entertaining and offer users real added value.

4. SEA: Has cost-per-click become obsolete?

For years, online marketers in companies have been working on reducing the cost-per-click of Google's ads. But the optimization of the amount with which the search engine is paid, for example by forwarding a user to their own website, has had its day in many areas, according to experts. This seems to be the result of a natural evolution: The CPC bids are now at the theoretical maximum of economic efficiency, which means that substantial optimization is no longer possible at some point.

The goal will therefore be not to buy every customer on Google, but rather at best to pay once and then to bind users to the brand in the long term - at least for companies that have been investing in search engine advertising for a long time.

Ideally, you create synergy effects between paid search campaigns and other marketing channels: for example, by consolidating trust in your brand with good content after you have directed users to it through targeted advertising.

5. Is that why Google Ads becomes unimportant?

No. But Google itself is also changing its strategy: The group is primarily planning through Youtube Ads or new services, such as the so-calledPublisher integration at Google Maps to ensure its sales growth in the area of ​​ads.

So campaign managers are required who can juggle the numbers of different ad formats, but at the same time understand the importance of meaningful and relevant content. They will be the ones to run their company in 2021 position successfully through online advertising.

6. Affiliate Marketing: trend towards first party tracking

The affiliate marketing industry is growing continuously and continues to be an important part of the online marketing mix of numerous companies.

However, the industry also has to deal with a constantly evolving legal situation on the subject of data protection. The most important development will therefore be that more and more website operators have to deal with first-party tracking - So the focus on cookies that are collected via your own website and not provided by third-party providers.

And not just by law, but by that tooincreasing awareness of data protection of users are making these more and more privacy settings - mostly at the expense of third-party cookies.

So it makes sense in the future to rely more on own tracking. Even if the implementation on your own website takes a little more time, in the end the advantages outweigh the advantages. This includes better control over the data as well as the correct handling of user privacy, which creates trust in your company.

7. Personal content despite automation? Email marketing shows how it is done

The fact that data is the trump card in marketing is also evident in other disciplines of online advertising, for example in email marketing. Anyone who knows how to use the increasing amount of data here creates one special balancing act: the automation of marketing, although personal content picks up customers exactly where they are in their customer journey.

This is made possible by customer relationship management systems (CRM), companies are offering more and more opportunities to individually design newsletters and thus adapt them to their recipients. The behavior of the users determines the start and the course of individual campaigns more and more frequently - which are fully automated by appropriate tools and offer increasingly complex options for responding to users.

8. Alexa, increase my sales!

The largest digital corporations are currently competing in the development of their voice assistants. Not only the Google Assistant or Alexa are meant, but also voice searches that are integrated in smartphones. And the digital conversation partners are accepted by the users: in 2020, 60 percent of all Germans had already used a device with the help of voice control.

It will therefore be of great importance for companies to optimize their online content with regard to voice searches as well. The main focus will be on simple texts, well-structured tables of contents and mobile optimization - things that have always been important, but are becoming even more relevant due to the rapid development of voice assistants.

9. Buzzword “Viral Marketing”: Still a trend?

Which company doesn't dream of the one post or video that reaches millions of people and carries its own marketing message out into the world. But is that really the key to success? That can at least be doubted. Even if the reach of viral campaigns is priceless - even a viral campaign can quickly get lost in the sea of ​​content. Because range alone is not enough.

For small and medium-sized companies in particular, it could therefore make more sense to deal with content that requires a longer attention span from the customer. Ask yourself what your target audience is for Laughing, listening or informing emotional. On this basis, you can design valuable content instead of trying to the to land a hit. If a snippet of content goes viral from a well thought-out strategy - all the better.

10. Content is (still) king

Many of the examples mentioned show that what counts in the end is valuable content. Therefore, integrate content marketing into your strategy and, in the next step, consider which developments and trends you can use for yourself.

Because no matter what new media, formats, tools and trends emerge: only those who keep an eye on their target group and understand their customer journey can start in the right places and turn the trends into a real competitive advantage for 2021.

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Originally published October 5, 2020, updated October 05, 2020

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