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Gluing correctly: this is how it works

Our specialist department recommends applying straight-line adhesive bead-lines at a distance for large-area gluing of mirrors. Expert Ralph Ranzinger explains why: “This method allows air humidity to circulate and thus for all products hardened by air humidity to harden evenly within 24 hours. This is the correct method for gluing mirrors, facades or large surfaces. "

There is no recommendation from our specialist department for the often used serpentine bonding, because “here the curing takes place irregularly. Moisture can collect in the pockets, which can cause the adhesive to fail over the long term, ”says Ranzinger. The “more is more” variant with full-surface bonding is also not ideal. Due to the great thickness and thickness of the layer, humidity cannot reach most of the adhesive, which means that the adhesive cannot harden inside. Our expert's tip: Spread the adhesive with a notched trowel.

The surrounding adhesive application with dots is only used when gluing insulation panels with PU foam. Ranzinger: "The adhesive edge hardens due to the humidity access and creates a barrier, so the adhesive dots inside can no longer harden."

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(Author: Sabine Blattner,)