What is your ultimate dream musical role

Let us introduce to you: Secret Island 2018, the musical highlight of the summer!

On the one hand, you dream of wild ones Parties & loud music. On the other hand, your heart beats for Wellness & relaxation. Normally, these two wishes can hardly be reconciled at a festival. Secret Island sets new standards and creates a symbiosis of exuberant mood and high relaxation factor!


Secret Island: Your festival experience on a new level.

We have all danced with our feet in the mud at the well-known festivals, drastically lowered hygiene standards for a few days, slept in a tiny tent and had very greasy midnight snacks. But isn't there another way of doing the festival?

The organizers of Secret Island asked themselves exactly this question and launched an event that everyone The advantages of a festival visit combined with those of a relaxing vacation in Croatia! A symbiosis of everything you love. You can party all day & all night, do a yoga session on one of the many deserted spots on the island, sleep in a real bed and start all over again.


As you make your bed, so you sleep.

To ensure the ultimate experience, Secret Island finds one on one lonely island in Croatia instead of. This can only be reached with the organized ferries. The number of tickets is strictly limited 700 pieces limited, you can only travel to the island with a festival pass. On total 4 stages you will be provided with music & atmosphere every day, at any time. And if it gets too much for you, there are countless places where you can retreat alone or with your friends.

Let's start with the beautiful accommodations. The most luxurious options for sleeping are that Forest Lodges for 4 or 2 people. Forget dixi toilets and the crowds in the communal shower. Here you live all alone, sleep in high quality bed linen and have a own bathroom including towels. Also included: a private outdoor terrace and, of course, electricity for your beloved smartphone.

A little cheaper, but no less cozy, they are Bell tents. The spacious tents are also equipped with beds, lockable, furnished and waterproof. Those who attach great importance to closeness to nature opt for the inexpensive version of the Self-camping, right in the bay.

Regardless of which variant you choose: Thanks to the wonderful sea air, you wake up the next morning or noon relaxed and can continue your Secret Island experience strengthened!


Stay in balance.

At standard festivals the next morning you tried desperately to organize a place in the overcrowded camping area where you could stretch all fours undisturbed. At Secret Island you can not only look forward to a lot of privacy, but also to a generous wellness offer. Here there are Yoga sessions, massages, sports. Simply everything your body needs after a long night of partying. And so that you don't run out of strength, your stomach rebels and you have to fall back on the nibbles you brought with you, the event also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights.

While the food is usually “very hearty” at relevant events, you feast on fresh food at Secret Island. The 4 resident restaurants fulfill all your wishes - from the juicy Gourmet burgers to delicious tapas and vegan curry! Nobody stays hungry here. Once you've ticked off the hangover breakfast, stop by one of the bars. Relax with one Cocktail by the pool, enjoy a cold beer in the forest clearing or fill up your energy reserves with fresh vitamins in the Green Bar.

Oh yes, if you are already in a full party mood and can no longer wait until the evening, there is still the option of Boat party. For 50 € you can dance yourself happily in the middle of the sea and can help yourself at the bar as much as you want! In the evening the island turns back into a paradise for fans of electronic music and guaranteed to make your heart beat faster. Does that all sound like a dream? Then we now have the most important information for you at a glance:


Hard facts: short and sweet.

When: May 31 to June 3, 2018

Where: On a lonely island near the port of Sibenik

music: EDM / Hardstyle / Hip Hop / Techno / Deep House

Getting there: Arrival by yourself, plane or bus

Price: Depending on your accommodation & arrival, you can be there from 99 €!


We hope we have been able to give you a lot of pleasure! If you feel like partying, diving, dancing and relaxing, you've come to the right place! And with our Secret Island voucher you can now get a 50 € discount on your booking!