Which Bible book has the most verses?

Contents overview

The Old Testament Law Books

genesis | Genesis

Tales of the beginnings of the world and of the ancestors of the people of Israel. >>>>

Exodus | Exodus

How God freed the people of Israel from Egyptian slavery. >>>>

Leviticus | Leviticus

In the Sinai desert, the people of Israel receive instructions for sacrifice and worship. >>>>

Numbers | 4. Moses

The procession of the people of Israel from Mount Sinai to the borders of the land promised by God. >>>>

Deuteronomy | Deuteronomy

Review of the path of the people of Israel with a collection of laws in the center. >>>>

The Old Testament history books


The people of Israel are entering the land promised by God. >>>>


God repeatedly calls leaders (so-called judges) to lead the disobedient people of Israel. >>>>


A foreigner finds a home in Israel. >>>>

1st and 2nd Samuel

The people of Israel get their first kings with Saul and David. >>>>

1st and 2nd kings

After the reign of Solomon, the kingdom of Israel splits into two parts, which are successively conquered by opposing powers. >>>>

1st and 2nd chronicles

Once again a presentation of the history of Israel with many overlaps with the books of Samuel and Kings. >>>>

Ezra and Nehemiah

The population deported into exile in Babylon after the fall of the empire can return. She rebuilds the city of Jerusalem with the temple. >>>>


Esther saves the people of Israel.
The book tells of the severe persecution that threatened the Jews in the Persian Empire. >>>>

The textbooks and poetic books of the Old Testament

Job | Job

How a person gets into dire straits, arguing with God and yet clinging to him. >>>>


Songs and prayers for good and bad days. >>>>


Life wisdom from ancient Israel. >>>>

Ecclesiastes / preacher

What is life about? How can you master it? The preacher ponders the meaning and purpose. >>>>

Song of Songs

A collection of love songs. >>>>

The prophetic books of the Old Testament


Words and stories of the prophets from three epochs of Israel's history. >>>>


A prophet threatens to despair of his mission. >>>>


They depict the conquest and destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian troops in 587 BC. laments. >>>>

Ezechiël / Ezekiel

The proclamation of a prophet who appeared among the Israelites in Babylonian exile. >>>>


Experiences and visions of the Israelite Daniel living at the Babylonian court. >>>>


In drastic terms, the people in Israel are reproached for having forsaken their God and worshiping the Canaanite gods of fertility. >>>>


On the occasion of a severe plague of locusts, Joël announces the "judgment day of the Lord". >>>>


Prophetic criticism of a full and self-assured society that exploits the poor and tramples God's demands. >>>>


After the destruction of Jerusalem, the same fate is predicted for the hostile neighboring people of Edom. >>>>