Which Bay Bridge was built first

Ponte de 25 April

It is simply called "Ponte". The cars drive upstairs, the train below. High above the port of Lisbon connects the April 25th Bridge Lisbon Alcântara with the suburb Almada.

The bridge is 3.2 kilometers long and starts over Lisbon. The real one Suspension bridge across the Tagus River 2278 meters long. The Ponte de 25 April is often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. And the comparison goes a little bit in the right direction: The suspension bridge was built by the American Bridge Company, which also built the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, and the steel used to build the Tejo Bridge was imported from the USA.

As early as the late 19th century, consideration was given to crossing the Tagus, which separated Lisbon from its suburbs in the south, with a bridge. After long planning, the bridge could be built started in 1962 which should reach the shore near the Cristo-Rei in Almada. 45 months later, the suspension bridge was inaugurated under the name Salazar Bridge. Less than 10 years later, after the Carnation Revolution in 1974, it was renamed the Ponte de 25 Abril.

In 1969 drove James Bond "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" across the Ponte de 25 Abril. The Lisbon half marathon is also started here every year.

Initially, the cars crossed the river in four lanes. Even if extensions were planned during the construction, these were not completed until 1999: a was built under the carriageway Railway deck set up with two train tracks and the lanes for the cars were widened to six. To do this, the structure of the bridge was reinforced: a second set of suspension cables was installed and the towers grew a little higher.

Some numbers: The cars drive over the river at a height of 70 meters. The bridge towers are 190.47 meters high. An average of 150,000 cars pass the bridge every day. The bridge is subject to a toll, but only those who drive north (i.e. to Lisbon) have to pay the fee.


By car or train you can drive over from Lisbon in the direction of the south. There is a toll to cross by car.

On foot: The Pillar 7 Experience brings visitors to a viewing platform with a great view of the suspension bridge. Tickets on can be ordered online here in advance *.

Get there

Tram: 15, regional train: Belém, boat: Belém jetty

Avenida Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa




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