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Brand identity is more important than ever. In today's highly competitive business landscape, that brand identity means getting noticed and making a lasting impression on your target audience's minds. When your customers need you in the future, your branding will be what they'll remember. Custom packaging that is tailored to your website, stores, and products is one of the most important resources for strategic branding. When your shipping boxes and products arrive, your customers know what they're getting. At Anthem Branding, we deliver product packaging design that is tailored to your brand culture and target audience.

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Known in the US for our custom packaging solutions, we can put you in control of your product packaging design from concept to delivery. Custom packaging is more than just shipping boxes and envelopes. Your products must be protected from the weather. This means that the exterior has to be sturdy and at the same time your logo design and brand identity have to face the customer. From beverages that need the perfect bottle or can to products that need to be kept in a container, your custom packaging can be more than just a means of protecting your product. It can also be part of your brand storytelling and an important component of your strategic branding. There are many packaging design companies in Colorado and the United States. At Anthem Branding, however, we deliver more than just folding boxes with your logo on the outside.

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We have worked with some of the biggest brand names in Denver and Colorado because we offer a complete custom packaging service. Our team of graphic design experts offer options for bespoke logo design and web design integration, or integrate your existing graphic designs and business logos into your custom packaging. Various factors must be considered when designing product packaging. The size of the product, its fragility and its components must be taken into account in order for your custom packaging to be perfectly suited.

The target audience also needs to be considered, as gender-specific products can be targeted to specific people. We'll even learn more about the age of your target audience because if you're selling something to a largely older population, larger fonts will work a lot better on your custom packaging than smaller ones. There is a lot to consider with strategic branding, and your product packaging design needs to be perfect for the audience that wants to buy what you sell in Colorado, Denver, and Boulder.

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The type of business you are will affect the types of custom packaging you will need. Retailers with a physical store often require very different branding strategies than an e-commerce-only company. If your product is sold in physical stores that sell multiple products, including your competitors' products, you want your custom packaging to be better shown off, seen, remembered, and purchased more often than your competitors. The right logo and product packaging design go a long way in helping you sell more units and make higher profits. If you are only selling your product online, robustness is a key factor. The space is optimized to keep your product safe and rattle-free.

What is packaging design?

Correct packaging is all about organization. The outside of your product is made up of many parts, from the choice of materials to the colors, fonts, and the logo design you use. People use containers to make everything more practical, and it's often viewed as a tool. However, custom packaging is not just about practicality. It's also about the consumer experience. How your product is packaged affects consumer engagement, and your custom packaging can become part of your storytelling. Any marketing company will highlight the importance of brand storytelling, and touch, sight, sound, and sometimes even smell and taste will be part of that customer experience. Your individual packaging tells your target group exactly what your product is. More importantly, it can even tell these consumers why they should buy what you are selling.

How do customers benefit most from packaging design?

When you pay more attention to your product packaging design, you're not just creating an ad for your brand. They also make the purchase decision easier for your customers. Simple factors like the colors used in custom packaging can be very beneficial to companies selling a product for children, while health-focused companies can often benefit from softer, more pastel, and "adult" color schemes. Our graphic design team will use the textures and color schemes that will affect your target audience the most, making it easier for that audience to make a purchase decision. The packaging is also designed to make it easier to display while also making the product itself safe. This means your customers are far less likely to buy damaged goods that negatively impact your brand reputation.

What is sustainable packaging design?

Everyone thinks more about their environmental impact, and brands are no different. If your custom packaging is made more sustainable, it means that you are thinking about ways to reduce the environmental damage that product packaging can cause. At Anthem Branding, we make sure that your custom packaging has the least possible environmental impact. We often take into account what your packaging can be used for once the product has been opened or used. In many cases we design your packaging so that it can be used for a different purpose either immediately or during recycling. Your company's environmental footprint is then reduced, a fact that can be used as part of your marketing strategy. As consumers adjust to greener brands, your custom packaging can be the foundation of all of your marketing strategies.

Why is packaging design important?

As the preferred packaging design agency for some of America's most iconic brands, we make sure you understand all of the reasons behind any design decision for your custom packaging. Your product packaging design can be the key to more sales and reliable brand growth by keeping your product secure and differentiating yourself from your competitors.