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Or: Why a distance of one meter is almost always good and which masks are already available.

The good old "I almost didn't recognize you now" is getting a whole new twist these days. It is not about a new pair of glasses, hairstyle or beard that would have changed the person opposite to the point of being unrecognizable. Also not about the fact that the ravages of time in the 18 months since the last encounter had gnawed at the acquaintance particularly hard. No, there is a familiar face behind some terrifying protective masks. It's better to chat next time, by the way.

The one-meter distance rule that is currently being propagated to avoid infection should also be normal in times of non-crisis. According to the general theory of social distance zones, you shouldn't get closer than one and a half meters to people with whom you are not really close anyway.

When it comes to protective masks, it is noticeable how many different models there are: very hard, tight-fitting ones under which you can breathe like Darth Vader and probably die from suffocation after more than ten minutes without fresh air, completely without a virus; sloppy, fluttering masks that are often worn casually hanging from one ear outside the danger zone, as the chief physician does in the hospital series when he briefly leaves the operating room for something very urgent; rather short, trunk-shaped masks that show a lot of facial skin and only close the mouth and nose; XXL masks that barely leave your eyes free. The only ones who still don't seem to have masks are the poor people at the supermarket checkouts.

Hopefully the exceptional situation will not last so long that the differentiation sets in with the masks, as with the craft beers. Designer protective masks, self-sewn models, masks from fair trade production, masks 100 percent biodegradable, masks from Nike, Gucci and Apple would be there sooner than you could look.

Of the infected celebrities, two cases stand out. Tom Hanks, who is pretty much the most celebrity there is. We don't worry about him, he has already survived other things. We just say: Wilson. Friedrich Merz is also in quarantine. This could be an advantage after recovery in the fight for the CDU chairmanship: a party conference speech without a mask is simply better.

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("Die Presse", print edition, March 22nd, 2020)