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The Nitto ATP Finals London (Formerly the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London are actually a tournament that you don't have to write much about anymore. Because when the best eight tennis players of the year compete against each other in their own tournament, you don't need marketing. Nevertheless, the tour final has one varied history behind it. The Compaq Grand Slam Cup was held in Germany from 1990 to 1999, where the best 16 players of the four Grand Slam tournaments were allowed to start. World Championship, which came closer to the current system. From 2000 onwards, only the so-called Tennis Masters Cup was played. Now the ATP has agreed on a uniform final similar to the earlier ATP World Championship and also awards points in the world rankings for it.

The Barclays ATP World Tour Finals London will take place at the end of November. It is played in London indoors on hard court for around 2.5 million pounds.

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The Barclays ATP World Tour Finals will again be held in London at the O2 Arena. The best eight players of the season play in two groups, first in a group stage. The first two players in each group then play against each other crosswise (practically the semifinals). Its winners then play in the final for the title of ATP World Tour Champion.

At the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals London, entering the players is a spectacle similar to a gladiator enema. Otherwise, the hard courts are blue, although the playing area is a little darker. In the run-up there are always amusing press photos - mostly with a traditional English background. Older fans may still remember Jim Courier, who overlooked the dress code for such an appointment and was shown in a jogging suit while everyone else in a black suit smiled at the camera.

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