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Youth consecration: 45 successful congratulations, sayings & quotes

With the youth consecration the entry into adulthood begins. Congratulations, quotes, sayings and anecdotes should accompany the young people on their way. It is not always easy to find the right words. We have made a selection for you so that your congratulations on the youth consecration will be something special.

Jugendweihe - the entry into adulthood

The youth consecration is a kind of solemn ritual in which the young people move into adulthood. As with confirmation, it usually takes place between the ages of 13 and 15. The difference: the youth consecration is non-denominational. The term has been around since 1852 and the tradition was particularly celebrated in the GDR. Since the fall of the Wall, the word youth celebration has also been used often. The youth celebration is still most widespread in eastern Germany, but every year more and more young people take part.

As with the Catholic communion or the Protestant confirmation, the non-denominational youth consecration is preceded by a preparatory program. Within three months, the prospective adults deal with various questions in life. This time is about getting to know new facets of life, developing new skills and critically questioning familiar values. The young people should not only get to know other people, but also themselves.

Congratulations on the youth consecration

Congratulations on the youth consecration

There are congratulations in all possible variations: whether for a wedding, a birth, a birthday or other occasions. The congratulations therefore often sound the same and it is difficult to stand out from the crowd of congratulations. So how do I formulate special congratulations for a youth consecration? After all, you don't just want to wish the budding adults all the best. It's about their future and growing up. On their way there, they can support some good advice and loving wishes.

Your words can offer them orientation and support them in their dreams. You should take them seriously as adults, but not scare them into adulthood. Many teenagers find it difficult to accept the end of their childhood. For this reason, the youth celebration and your well-considered congratulations help to show the beautiful sides of growing up and to take away their fear.

Anecdotes about the youth consecration

Writing anecdotes about the youth consecration on a greeting card can be really interesting. They are a successful change from the classic "All the best for your future" slogans. Depending on how close the young adult is to you, you can also share something really personal. Important experiences should always be passed on to the younger generation so that they can benefit from it and do not make the same mistakes.

In order to be particularly empathetic, you should go back to your childhood and tell about your fears at the same age. Describe how these fears resolved over time and what you were positively surprised by. It is important to highlight the benefits of adulthood and to emphasize that as an adult it is still possible to be a child.

10 text examples for congratulations on the youth consecration

Beautiful congratulations for the youth consecration often result from sayings. We have formulated some examples for you. In your own words you can interpret the saying in your own way and maybe even explain it if it is difficult to understand. A personal reference shows your effort and appreciation for the celebration. In the next chapter you will find even more examples of sayings for youth consecration that might inspire you to write your own little text. You can find out how to learn to write better here.

  1. Do you dare to err and dream! High sense often lies in childish play.
    (Friedrich von Schiller)
    Don't be afraid of growing up. Part of you will always be a child - and therein lies the art of life. Adults make mistakes too, and they dream big too. I believe that you can achieve your dreams and have experiences that will mature you into a wonderful adult.
  2. You have now reached adolescence
    and took the time for a party.
    You should enjoy this celebration to the fullest.
    We all support you and now we want to officially decide
    that you are on your way to adulthood.
    But be careful that you never forget the child in you!
  3. It is time for new perspectives. You will go from child to adult, I want to tell you about my perspective at your age ...
  4. The hardest thing about life is getting your heart and mind to work together.
    (Woody Allen)
    I wish you for your future that you listen to your head when making small decisions and always listen to your heart when making big decisions.
  5. A dream is essential if you want to shape the future.
    (Victor Hugo)
    Always keep an eye on your dreams. They help you not to forget the important things on your way to adulthood and to take daring new steps.
  6. What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.
    (Boris Pasternak)
    You can determine how fast you grow up. Learn at your own pace and see yourself as independent from others. You alone can determine who you want to be in this world and you alone know the right way to grow up.
  7. Nothing can strengthen people more than the trust that is placed in them.
    (Paul Claudel)
    I wish you all the best for your youth celebration and for your future that all your loved ones trust you. You can always count on me on your way. I believe in your strength and your sanity, but never forget to do things with passion.
  8. What does adulthood actually mean? Responsibility? Career? The end of fun and games? - no
    Growing up is about combining all of the goals in life, including responsibility and a job, with fun and games. It's about taking care of yourself but always staying a little child. Do not be in a hurry and do not be afraid. Growing up is not a decision made suddenly, but a process that every child achieves at their own pace.
  9. Only those who go their own way cannot be overtaken by anyone.
    (Marlon Brando)
    Go your own way, but don't feel pressured by today's celebration. Your own path is slowly falling into place. It doesn't have to be carefully planned over the long term. In time you will know which direction you want to go. And your family is behind you.
  10. You get a little task from me today. That's part of growing up. Accept all of the proverbs today and read them carefully. Choose three pieces of wisdom and write them down on a piece of paper. Send this sheet back to me and we both know that you will take it with you on your way.

15 proverbs for youth consecration

Proverbs for youth consecration

You can write sayings about the youth consecration on a card or a gift tag. Another option is to frame a saying that you particularly like. So you can give it to the budding adult as a gift and he will accompany him on his way. If you want to make something special, you can also have the saying embroidered on a pillow or blanket or engraved on a watch or box that you give the young person as a present.

Proverbs for youth consecration should always convey values ​​that are particularly important to you. This includes, for example, life wisdom or philosophies. You can use our selection as a guide and, following the elimination process, consider which values ​​are most important to you or what you would like to tell an anecdote about. This way, budding adults can benefit from your experiences.

  1. Just now, child, are you standing in front of us?
    Growing up is your wish
    today it will come true
    You will soon be in life.
  2. Even if you only reach your goal slowly, the way there is always worthwhile.
  3. The youth consecration is now on,
    we solemnly remember
    how proud the moment makes us
    the step that reverently accomplished.
  4. Open up to your dreams so that they can come true.
  5. I congratulate you on your youth consecration! Always trust your abilities and skills, listen to your heart and believe your mind - then you will never fail in life.
  6. One step further,
    are no longer small
    are your companions
    in adulthood.
  7. Youth consecration is important for life as a whole
    because there is so much that can be given to you on the way.
  8. Do not be afraid to walk slowly! Just be afraid to stand still.
  9. The smile you send out will return to you.
  10. Your life will be like a roller coaster, it goes up and down. The good thing is that when times are bad, you can trust that things will go up again.
  11. The trick is to grow up without getting old.
  12. Today is your youth consecration,
    hear the same lyre from everyone.
    Only the best for the future
    you only have ears for the festive.
    Yes i can understand you
    I saw it that way at your age.
    So you don't hear any sayings or questions from me,
    I love you, I just wanted to say that.
  13. Family celebrations are not for everyone,
    too much noise, gossip and laughter.
    But today it's all about you
    your youth consecration - solemn!
  14. Have courage for your own opinion. This is the first step in growing up.
  15. From today you will often decide:
    What do I want to do, what do I stop?
    You will still make some mistakes
    still don't lose your laugh.
    But if you seek advice and are concerned,
    think of me, the door is always open for you.

20 quotes about the youth consecration

Quotes about the youth consecration

Quotes are usually short and easy to read. In contrast to a poem that has to be interpreted, they usually say clearly what they mean.At the youth consecration, the young person will probably read numerous cards and remember only a few wisdoms from them. So just choose your favorite quote and write it on one side of your card. So it is in the center of the blank page and concisely expresses what you want to say. You can write your own text on the other side and you are welcome to refer to this quote. Since the youth consecration is a religiously independent festival, you should refrain from quoting the Bible.

Tip: If you want to reach out to the budding adult particularly well, choose a quote from someone they know. There are also many modern quotations, for example from Walt Disney, Muhammad Ali, Marylin Monroe or Angelina Jolie, which are more popular with young people than quotations from Goethe, Schiller or Novalis.

  1. If there is one belief that can move mountains, it is belief in one's own strength.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  2. If everything is against you, remember: an airplane takes off because it flies against the wind, not with the wind.
    (Henry Ford)
  3. Every child is an artist. The difficulty lies in remaining an artist when it grows up.
    (Pablo Picasso)
  4. To live lightly without recklessness, to be cheerful without exuberance, to have courage without arrogance - that is the art of life.
    (Theodor Fontane)
  5. Do not seek others, but seek to outdo yourself.
  6. Have the serenity to accept things that you cannot change, the courage to change things that you can change, and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.
    (Mark Twain)
  7. Basically, it is always the connections with people that give life its value.
    (Wilhelm von Humboldt)
  8. Impossible - is a word that people throw around, for whom it is easier for them to accept the world for what it is than to take the risk of changing it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion.
    (Muhammad Ali)
  9. The only way to get something out of life is to throw yourself into it with all your might.
    (Angelina Jolie)
  10. All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them.
    (Walt Disney)
  11. A girl knows her limits, but a smart girl knows that there are no limits for her.
    (Marylin Monroe)
  12. I decided very early on to simply accept life without any ifs, ors, or buts. I never expected it to hold anything special in store for me, and yet I seem to have accomplished a lot more than I ever hoped for. Most of the time it happened without my ever looking for it.
    (Audrey Hepburn)
  13. Become what you are not yet
    stay what you already are:
    In this staying and this becoming
    everything beautiful lies here on earth.
    (Franz Grillparzer)
  14. The head is round so that thinking can change direction.
    (Francis Picabia)
  15. Our desires are the harbingers of the capabilities within us, harbingers of what we will be able to achieve.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  16. Once you've found yourself
    he can't lose anything in this world.
    (Stefan Zweig)
  17. One should not want to foresee the future, but make it possible.
    (Antoine de Saint- Exupéry)
  18. Do not go where the path may lead, but go where there is no path and leave a trail.
    (Jean Paul)
  19. In order for the possible to arise, the impossible must be tried again and again.
    (Hermann Hesse)
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