Is It Safe To Eat Chipotle?

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Chipotle scandal: a high-flyer crashes

For Chipotle, all of this is sheer horror. The fresh food counters, where burritos, tacos and salads are put together according to the modular principle, are the trademark of the chain founded in Denver in 1993. The company, which is also represented with a branch in Frankfurt am Main, has marketed itself extremely successfully in recent years as a better, fresher and healthier alternative to the established fast food giants such as McDonald's and Burger King. "Food with Integrity" is the slogan that became a boomerang due to the virus scandal.

In award-winning campaigns, Chipotle presents itself as a healthier alternative:

This was followed by a fall out of the fast food heaven - before that, the company had long recorded double-digit growth rates and took top positions in the customer satisfaction rankings. Then that: In January sales plummeted 36 percent compared to the previous year, the share plummeted by about a quarter since mid-2015. Chipotle not only suffers from massive damage to its image, there is also the risk of expensive class action lawsuits and other drastic consequences. California's Attorney General and the U.S. Food Inspectorate have launched criminal investigations.

CEO Ells apologized in full-page newspaper advertisements in December: "The fact that someone got sick from eating at Chipotle is absolutely unacceptable and I am deeply sorry." He tries to portray the scandal as a healing shock: "We will work to establish the company as a leading force in food safety." But that means that in future many ingredients will no longer be freshly prepared, but delivered ready-made. With this, Chipotle approaches the so often criticized practices of the scolded competition.

McDonald's is also unlucky with healthier food. The chain has taken its Bioburger out of the range again.