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Rhyme with human

Funny rhymes on human

Again and again one reads that there is no rhyme for human beings. That's nonsense with sauce! In this fun rhyme I show some examples of words that rhyme (more or less) with human. Have fun while reading!

Man, monk!

What only rhymes with human?

Once upon a time there lived an old monk
alone on a small ranch
and searches ‘for a rhyme with human.

To ponder he drank fench
el-tea from a small pot
sitting under a lampshade

irm. Suddenly a person approaches.
The old monk thought: "I know him!
What was his name? Oh yes, Jentzsch! "

The Jentzsch wore a long trench
Coat from Paris and only spoke French.
Tired, he sank down on the bench.

The monk poured him with a steady hand
en of the fennel tea
en and said: “Good‘ night. Now penn ‘ch."

"Reim auf Mensch" by Sean Kollak, 02/17/2012. Source www.reimix.de

Place and family names that rhyme with human

Teacher Lämpel by Wilhelm Busch

Admittedly, at first glance there are only a few useful end rhymes for human. The stressed syllable of the rhyming word ends in -ensch and that hardly allows for a meaningful pair of rhymes. However, there are some place names in Germany such as Arentsch, Berensch and Drench that rhyme with human.

Furthermore, you can keep it as a poet like Wilhelm Busch and simply look for or think of a surname that rhymes with human. Without a teacher Lämpel - no example. Without Master Böck - no "meck, meck, meck." Without Monsieur Jentzsch - no rhyme with people. Instead of Jentzsch, my monk could just as easily have been called Rentzsch.

Identical rhymes on human

There is also an almost inexhaustible list of identical rhymes on humans. For example:

  • Monster
  • Caveman
  • Superman

These rhyming words are sure to tell a beautiful story. Just enter the rhyming word "Mensch" in a rhyming dictionary and you will get a long list of identical rhymes. However, the results are much more interesting when you strain your own mind.

Dec and Pensch: Broken rhymes on people

If you swap the stressed vowel in the rhyming word, more rhyming words are created. This is how a monk emerges from a person. And if there are no rhyming words that rhyme with the last stressed syllable, there are still some where the first syllable does: fennel and jug, trench coat and benchmark, little hands and ounces, Wennschon and Dennschon, sorry, decision and the cute ducklings came to my mind spontaneously. Surely there are more of those broken rhymes on human. "Pensch" has made it quite famous - the middle part of the lampshade 🙂 Of course, it is not that easy to put these broken rhymes reasonably well into meter. But that's what you're a poet for!

Ranch and Bench: Foreign language rhyming words on human

If you can't find what you are looking for in German, ‘help yourself abroad. Ranch, French and Bench rhyme wonderfully with human and most Germans can also relate to these foreign words. Stench, Attention or Mention is a step more difficult. Find more creative rhyming tips here.

"Know him!" Onomatopoeic rhymes on people

Jögi Löw lives

Not everyone speaks standard German. In colloquial language it is quite common to swallow letters, mumble or even let two words flow into one another. My monk also speaks the way his beak has grown: “I know him, I pause here, I'll whimper soon.” Without the i in “I” you have more rhymes with people. Then imagine Jogi Löw, the national coach of the German national soccer team, reading this rhyme. In his Swabian dialect there are a lot of snuggly Sch-sounds….

Do you know any other rhymes on human? I'm curious to see what creative rhyming words are suggested here.