How do I report an unprofessional recruiter

The headhunter as an accomplice

Getting started with the recruiter

Headhunters find dream jobs. But what do you have to consider when dealing with them? Some of the called people say sentences like: "Where did you get my number from?" or "How do you come up with me?" That seems unprofessional. At the end of the day, the headhunter gets the feeling that he has made the wrong number. Better to give the impression that such calls are normal for you. For example, you say: "It is one of my principles that I examine such proposals carefully. Let's continue this evening, you can reach me at ..."

Before this first contact, there is the question: How do you get a headhunter noticed? Write technical essays, discuss on podiums, make your profile accessible on the Internet. Ideally, you appear as the expert on a topic on the headhunter's radar. Then sooner or later he will knock on your door.

Do not be surprised if the headhunter initially only talks about the position, but does not mention the name of the company: He must first protect the identity of his client. Only when he decides to propose you does he reveal the cards.

Persistence pays off with headhunters

If you have convinced the headhunter of your qualities, you and he have the same interest: that you get the job for as high a salary as possible; the headhunter receives three to four monthly salaries as commission! Ask him openly what is the maximum budget. He can usually name a number that is not only astonishingly specific, but also astonishingly high.

Many headhunters know the client perfectly. The recruiter can tell you everything you need to know for a great interview. Asks him questions like: "What do you think will be particularly important to the head of department?", "With which station of my résumé will I be able to score?" or "What style of conversation does this hiring manager value - in-depth or to the point?"

What if you wait in vain for the headhunter to call? Then you should ask around who is considered a specialist in your industry. Have a short, winning phone call before you send your documents - and then follow up until there is movement in the matter. Persistence can be worth it!

There is nothing to prevent you from contacting several headhunters at the same time - pay attention to the areas of work. For example, one of them serves the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland, the other in North Rhine-Westphalia. If the headhunter doesn't come up to you, but vice versa, the placement rate decreases. But if you dance at several weddings, you still have a good chance of saying yes.

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