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If you listen to the powerful songs on "Innuendo", Queen's last regular studio record with Freddie Mercury, you will probably ask yourself more than once what other great songs the musician could have written and sung.

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But it didn't come to that: Freddie Mercury died on November 24, 1991 of the consequences of his AIDS illness. With a few facts that you may not have known, let's remember one of the most dazzling artists to ever take on the stage.

1. Freddie Mercury fictional character

Freddie Mercury was actually just a fictional character that Zanzibar-born Farrokh Bulsara came up with to cover up his introverted streak. After being forced to move to England (there was a bloody revolution in Zanzibar), Mercury, born into a wealthy family, was supposed to become an accountant like his father. But he was driven to London, where he studied art and eventually became a musician.

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2. Call me Freddie

Farrokh Bulsara identified himself so much with his role as Freddie Mercury that he himself had 'Frederick Mercury' entered on his ID. He himself just wanted to be called Freddie by everyone he knew. He didn't accept anything else.

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3. Formidable ballet dancer

Freddie Mercury was also a great ballet dancer and performed with the Royal Ballet in 1979. He sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".

4. Bad pianist

It was clear to the Queen singer for a lifetime that he would not be one of the best pianists in the world. At concerts, Mercury often joked that his musical knowledge was limited to very few skills. Because he feared that this weakness would become too obvious, he was rarely shown playing in music videos - as seen in the legendary clip for “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

5. Great appearances after arguments

Freddie Mercury gave the best appearances after solid disputes and lovesickness - as he himself told in several interviews. Apparently, the singer needed such emotional conflicts to take his band's songs to new heights. Before a concert in Milton Keynes, Mercury grappled with his lover at the time, Bill Reid. As a result of the argument, he bit his hand so much that it was bleeding profusely. Once Queen was supposed to appear on "Saturday Night Live", but Mercury and Reid had argued loudly in the hotel the night before, so that the singer almost lost his voice for the show.

6. Cat lover

Freddie Mercury adored cats even more than any other living being. He dedicated several songs to them, including “Bijou” and “Delilah”. The last two were found on "Innuendo" and symbolized the strength the house tigers gave him in the fight against his serious illness. By the way, “Cool Cat”, heard on “Hot Space,” is about a person who reminds the singer of a cat. The singer loved his cats so much that he called home several times while on tour just to be able to talk to his cats.

7. Superstition

Throughout his life, Freddie Mercury was an extremely cautious and, above all, superstitious person. One day he was supposed to take a plane from New York to Tokyo. But when he found out that the machine was a model that had already had technical problems in the past, he took his things, got off the plane immediately and preferred to accept the last seat in economy class on a flight of 14 hours took place later than to use his firmly booked seat in business class.

8. Freddie Mercury and David Bowie

The first encounter with David Bowie, who sang "Under Pressure" in a duet with Mercury in 1982, took place as early as 1970, when Mercury was in charge of a stall at a market in Kensington together with Roger Taylor. The singer wanted to sell Bowie a pair of suede shoes. Allegedly he asked him about the music business during the fitting. Bowie was quite unhappy about the economic conditions in the music world at the time and asked Mercury back: "Why do you want to go into this business of all places?"

9. Always stay alert

While Mercury was out and about, his assistants always had to carry a pad and pen with them so that the musician could jot down an idea or inspiration at any time of the day. This is how the Lennon homage "Life Is Real" was born on a flight across the Atlantic. As noted on one of the sheets left behind, the first line of the song "Guilt Stains On My Pillow" was originally "Cunt Stains On My Pillow".

10. Princess Diana

Freddie Mercury once made sure that Princess Diana could dress up as a man so she could go to a gay bar with him and his best friend, comedian Kenny Everett. Allegedly, the trio often watched episodes of the sitcom "Golden Girls" with their mutual friend Cleo Rocos.

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