Psychopaths Can Sociopaths Faint

What is a sociopath and how do you recognize him?

There are people who claim to have seen or heard ghosts. Let's assume that this happened to them when they were lying in bed ..... how do you know whether this is some kind of phenomenon or not a sleep paralysis after all?

As a child I once slept, wanted to get up in the dark and heard noises that were very clearly audible. It felt like an eternity.

Now I ask myself, was it perhaps paralysis and nothing else?

At that time I was suddenly as if paralyzed .... Paralysis is paralysis, but I could have moved, was only frozen by fear, as if paralyzed. Doesn't everything go together .....

Does the person affected know whether they are having a hallucination or sleep paralysis? Where's the difference? Since the paralysis is proven, one can theoretically all strangely perceived noises, etc. actually justify with sleep paralysis. Or not?

What has happened to me (I know many who also do this) often when I slowly doze off ...... then it is as if I fell violently and jerked suddenly. Emotionally, it's like I'm twitching very hard, but in truth it's a brief, inconspicuous twitch.

Is that sleep paralysis?

And what is so terrifying happening as those affected keep saying?