Do you actually like other people

Do you like yourself, do the others like you

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A good self-esteem is important for a happy and successful life. When we value ourselves, we feel calm and serene, we hold the threads of life in our own hands and everything seems to be possible.

Our self-esteem comes and goes. Sometimes we feel great and in seventh heaven, then something happens, we react "wrongly" and our self-esteem is blown away. Then we feel useless and not good for anything. This sudden loss of self-esteem can happen to anyone, even seemingly confident people can suddenly doubt themselves.

In moments like this we probably all wonder how we can regain confidence in ourselves. There are a number of methods you can use to improve your self-esteem, and some of them are not that difficult to implement. Here are some examples:

Talk about yourself well

If we only talk negatively about ourselves and constantly make ourselves bad, then it won't take long and the others will too.
As a result, our self-esteem becomes smaller and smaller. So: speak positively about yourself. Replace your negative descriptions with positive ones. Instead of saying "I can't" say "I'll try my best". Instead of saying "I am a zero in ...", say "I am improving in ...". Every time you say something positive about yourself, your self-esteem grows. And you will see that the others will also have more respect and respect for you - and that is definitely good for your self-esteem!

Look to the future instead of the past

While we can look back in our lives and regret what we did, we cannot change our past. If we keep thinking about what we should and shouldn't have done, our lives will become very depressing. So stop blaming yourself for what you've done. Let the past be past! Remember that you did your best then and look forward to the future.

Take a risk

Sometimes we want nothing more than to change something in our life. But we are afraid to take the necessary steps because they seem too risky to us. What would you like to do to change something in your life?
If we want a dream to come true, we need to have the courage to approach new situations. If we never take any risks then our life will become routine and boring. So take risks to make your dream come true, as humble as it may be.
If you're taking a risk, it's really just for things to go in the direction you want - and that's not that bad, is it?