How is visibility measured?

Visibility index

What is the Visibility Index?

The Visibility index is a standard reference when it comes to mapping the position and value of a website. The higher the value, the better the visibility of the page. Numerous SEO tools, including Sistrix, Xovi and Seolytics, map this value, but use different bases for its calculation, so that it does not a n e n Visibility index there.

How is the visibility index determined?

Even if the SEO tools calculate the visibility index differently, there are basic aspects that are the same for all calculations:

1. It will be a very big one Keyword pool used, of which the 100 highest rankings are regularly determined. The topics of these keywords are very broad in order to obtain a meaningful amount of data.

2. The following values ​​are added to the ranking of these keywords:

- the traffic that can be expected with the position of this keyword

- the traffic that can be expected from the keyword itself

Sistrix uses, for example, for the calculation 250,000 keywords, of which around 10 percent represent current keywords, i.e. terms that are current due to certain events, such as the World Cup, the Olympic Games or public holidays.

If you want to compare the visibility of 2 websites, you may only use the data from the same tool, as the exact values ​​differ depending on the SEO tool. The comparison of Sistrix and Xovi shows, for example, that Sistrix has significantly lower numerical values, but of course this does not mean that the Sistrix website has a lower visibility index.

Example of the Sistrix Visibility Index:

Example of the visibility index at Xovi:

Both sections are based on the same domain - so you can easily see how different the visibility values ​​of the two tools are.

Details on how the Sistrix Visibility Index works:What is the Visibility Index?

Up-to-date data for the visibility index

Most tools only update their Visibility Index data once a week. At Sistrix, for example, the new values ​​are always visible on Sundays. So the value does not have to correspond to the reality of the current day. A keyword can be placed completely differently, e.g. due to the effects of a Google update.

How meaningful is the visibility index?

The visibility index is only one of many metricsto check the results of SEO measures. For example, an increase in the index is not automatically linked to an increase in organic traffic. Traffic can just as easily decrease while the index of the page increases. Accordingly, conversion rates cannot be clearly derived from the visibility index.

There are also problems with Niche sites. These pages often deal with special topics that are only partially or partially not covered at all with the “keyword collections” of the tools. And if fewer keywords are considered for the page, that naturally affects the calculation of its visibility. In theory, niche sites could never have good visibility on the tools.

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Application in search engine optimization

Since the visibility index only uses a limited set of keywords for the calculation and these are only linked to a traffic probability, it does not make any clear statements, it is only a Approximate valueespecially when viewed on its own and only for a short period of time. Clear results can only be read in the context of other values, e.g. in comparison with the competition, with a view to seasonal factors or in connection with specific traffic values ​​from the web analysis.

However, the index shows a good picture for them historical development of a website, so the development over a long period of time. At Sistrix this can be traced back to 2008. Using this history, you can, for example, understand the effects of a relaunch or a Google update.