What are the best apps for lawyers

Digital learning material in your pocket

Laws on the internet

The name says it all for "Laws on the Internet" - the free app provides access to the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice. The number of legal works listed is almost overwhelming at first glance, but the search function ensures that the required law appears on the display in a matter of seconds. The app can certainly not replace a printed work, but the application is definitely suitable for on-the-go use. "Laws on the Internet" is available as an iPhone and iPad version.


In contrast to the free "Laws on the Internet", "Dejure" scores with an even more powerful title and full-text search that can also be used for navigation. For 5.99 euros, the user receives 260 laws of European, German and Baden-W├╝rttemberg law, which can also be used offline, i.e. without an Internet connection. The price includes six months of free subsequent deliveries of amendments to the law, after which you pay 15 euros every six months. Dejure is available for iPod and iPad in the Apple Store. The Dejure GG program, which contains the GG, BVerfGG, AEUV and EU, is available free of charge.

Jurion Mobile

Collection of laws for the third party: "Jurion Mobile" offers free access to 2,500 laws, 90,000 judgments and contains a legal dictionary with over 3,000 legal terms. As with the paid Dejure, the program from the database provider Jurion includes a full-text search and bookmark function. It is also possible to download content in order to use it offline. Despite the very short overview titles, the free collection of laws is the most recommendable of the three listed.

Alpmann Schmidt - Jura Definitions

For 1.99 euros the well-known repetition company Alpmann Schmidt offers important legal terms of civil law, criminal law and public law - precisely defined. The program is useful for having a suitable basic definition at hand quickly. The learning and memory functions are helpful in memorizing the definitions that are fundamentally necessary for the 1st state examination. Although the program has a few gaps in terms of the overall content, it is certainly a worthwhile purchase for the price - if you want to learn offline. The website operated by Alpmann Schmidt, from which all definitions have been adopted, is a free alternative.

Lernapp - BGB AT

The "Lernapp - BGB AT" estimates the proud price of 7.99 euros. In return, the buyer receives more than 70 cards with detailed questions from the eponymous general part of the BGB. The explanations are detailed and instructive, at the end you get a query statistic. The app runs on both iPhone and iPad.

Exam calculator from Perdoctum

A comparatively simple tool is the exam calculator from Perdoctum. For 0.79 euros, the buyer gets a program in which he can enter the points he has achieved in law studies and at the end of which he receives the overall grade for the 1st state examination. The menu navigation of the exam calculator differentiates between the state part and the main focus and includes the current examination regulations of the respective universities in its calculation. The exam calculator is currently available for the federal states of Bavaria, Berlin, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Hamburg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Game of lawyers

The "Jurists' Game" offers over 2,700 questions on legal fundamentals, first and second state exams and legal practice for 9.99 euros. The questions can be set individually for each federal state, there is a nationwide ranking list and personal statistics for each category. Furthermore, a repetition mode for incorrectly answered questions and regular updates, especially on current case law, is integrated. The scope and content of the questions is nice, so that trainee lawyers and practitioners can also do something with the app. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether that justifies the very high price.

Law quiz

A small but nice app is the "Law Quiz", which is held at the chair of Prof. Dr. Schwintowski from Humboldt University Berlin. The user is asked a question in the form of a game quiz, for which he has several options. The quiz can be ended at any time and continued at a later point in time. This means that learning content can also be memorized on the go. Despite the clear series of questions, the free program is highly recommended.

Common errors of law

The widespread legal errors are more likely to be classified in the more bizarre area. The content comes from the JuraWiki project "Collection of popular legal errors" and clears up misconceptions, such as that the deliberate killing of a person is always a criminal offense, or that contracts must always be concluded in writing. Although the app is available free of charge from iTunes, it is not recommended for law students due to the limited learning content.

Curious legal errors

In addition to the widespread, curious legal errors are also offered on iTunes for 0.79 euros. Here, questions are cleared up as to whether there is heat-free only in schools or whether complaints can only be made about purchased items in their original packaging. Not recommended for law students because of the low learning content and especially because of small mistakes. More on LTO.de:Online revision courses: Virtual timpani with a guarantee of existence Social media in the lecture hall: With Facebook into the lecture