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16 ways out

This is where you will be taught the techniques you can use to escape a bad name or make a good one even better. You have already met some of them. Always see this chapter in context with the rest of the book. You will learn to improve your life, be more successful, and see through your competitors' tricks.

16.1 Develop creativity!

With your current knowledge, you probably already have many ideas about how you can change your life. You will often find yourself in situations in which you know exactly a suitable and useful name, but unfortunately someone else is already wearing it or you could get a reputation for lack of imagination. Perhaps you are also a company boss and spend huge sums of money on new product names that could actually be invented by you or your employees. Unfortunately the ideas are missing. The creativity required for this is by no means reserved for employees of advertising agencies. There are a few simple techniques that can produce audible results even for the moderately gifted. Ms. Troi from Radiant Research kindly made some of the internally used methods available to me. Although they are no longer entirely up to date with current research, they should be sufficient for most purposes.

The oldest and best known technique is so-called brainstorming. The employees sit together in a cozy group and spontaneously name their ideas on a topic. These ideas are written down and later evaluated together. When brainstorming, particular attention must be paid to the comfort of the participants during the session because the results have been found to often match the mood of the participants. Only for special cases in which deterrent or competitive names are to be developed, it can make sense to relocate the sessions to the roller coaster or dark, scary forests. The notepad should then be replaced by a voice recorder.

Occasionally you will meet employees of advertising agencies who are happy to take care of your children. Be suspicious! These people like to use the extraordinary creativity of children as an inexpensive alternative to their own brainstorming sessions. If you catch such a person in the act, demand decent pay!

Just as well known as brainstorming, but used less often, is the silent mail. An employee thinks up a word that goes with the product they are looking for or uses the product name straight away and whispers it in the ear of the next one. This says it again in the ear of the next. Because the participants' perception of the selected product is clouded by their thoughts, unconscious associations flow into the transmitted word. The last employee is often given a meaningful name. At the silent post it must be ensured that no participant has a double turn. Therefore, a certain number of employees is always necessary. Good results were achieved when the Stille Post Group was made up of potential buyers. As with brainstorming, attention must be paid to the well-being of the participants.

One of the newer and lesser known techniques is the creative noise method. Experienced users meet in noisy pubs and at happy parties, where they try to create new names from the flying scraps of words and the incomprehensible murmur. Creative intoxication has proven to be extremely successful in many cases, but often fails due to incomprehension on the part of superiors, who confuse this great technique with the argument of creative intoxication, which drinkers keep putting forward. The publication of this method has led to a rush of applications at Radiant Research. I have been asked to inform that the agency is not currently recruiting new employees.

A variant of the creative intoxication is unsuccessful decryption. The job of unsuccessful deciphers is to decipher illegible letters from relatives or other handwritten documents. The resulting words are often ideal brand names. This technique should also be carried out by several people together, because individual employees repeatedly develop a certain amount of frustration. The method has the advantage that it can also be carried out in doctors' waiting rooms, if necessary with prescriptions. 12

The CAK (Computer Aided Creativity) process has recently become fashionable. Here, words are selected randomly from a lexicon by a computer and the letters are swapped 13. Meaningful combinations are sorted out using complicated algorithms. Since the personal computer with sufficiently high computing power is available, the CAK is also possible for home users. This process has had considerable success in the field of synthetic names. Its use is always recommended when the natural creativity of the employees threatens to dry up.

16.2 The new name

The usefulness of a new name is beyond reproach. Unfortunately, changing your name directly at your own request is rarely allowed. An unbelievable short-sightedness of the legislature. Since many people are disadvantaged by their names, it should be considered whether this practice does not violate the fundamental right of equality. A question for lawyers. Meanwhile, progressive marriage is a worthwhile alternative. Many newspapers already offer progressive corners where you can start your search. Pay particular attention to offers with titles of nobility or assets.

A look at your identity card will teach you that artist and religious names are also possible. Entering an order seems excessive to me. You should definitely use the artist name. The official introduction of work, leisure, party and sport names would make sense. It is to be expected that clever agencies will soon be offering private names for sale or on favorable leasing terms.

16.3 Free rider techniques

In this chapter I want to introduce you to a true modern grandmaster of name usage. You can learn a great deal from this man. His name is Philippe Kahn.

Philippe Kahn is the founder and head of the software company Borland. With his knowledge of the name, he founded this company under the name MIT. Every American thinks of the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology when they hear these letters. It is clear that Kahn managed to make important contacts under this name. Unfortunately, the real Massachusetts Institute of Technology threatened to file a lawsuit. Kahn changed the name to Borland. An excellent coffee name and also at the front of the alphabet, supposedly borrowed from a Frank Borland. In his product line, Kahn used the buzzword turbo. The popular Turbo Pascal was created. In addition, Kahn managed to bring the name Borland into conversation again and again through lavish parties and provocative jokes.

Borland had 1991 sales of $ 457 million. Their products enjoy a reputation for high quality and excellent ergonomics.

An important technique in the example above is to take advantage of a big name. It has found widespread use in business. I recently discovered a cell phone company called Kirk. Involuntarily I had to think of the unforgettable quote Beam me up, Scotty. think of Captain James T. Kirk. Even David Copperfield, who is considered the world's best magician, openly admits that he borrowed his name from a Charles Dickens novel. Scientists have a good chance of success if they join the group of a well-known researcher. In a sense, the fame rubs off on them.

You too should use these free rider techniques. Decorate yourself with strange feathers! Refusing this method would be false pride. Many eminent personalities have used them. You would only be putting yourself in danger that your abilities would never be recognized.

The choice of train name depends on the area of ​​work or the intended purpose. Thus, in conquering women, the name Casanova can come in handy. You will be asked curious questions as soon as you introduce yourself. You can freely admit that it is a cover name. You already have an interesting topic to talk about. My readers will prefer the name of a well-known actress, a model or a representative TV presenter. It is more clever if you only use the first name or the last name. Make sure that the train woman you have chosen bears a certain resemblance to your type. The men will notice.

In rare cases it is possible to choose a product as the train name. So once I discovered a beautiful young woman in a cafeteria. Just in time I realized that it was the name of their orange juice that enchanted me: La Bamba.

16.4 Put your name in the front of the alphabet!

You already know. If your name is at the front of the alphabet, you enjoy some privileges. Not only scientists and craftsmen benefited from it. In almost every situation in which names are listed alphabetically, names in the front of the alphabet are defeated.

Just imagine that you have applied for a new position. The HR manager looks through the applicants' files in alphabetical order. He's a very busy man. Do you think he'll split his time evenly across all the papers? Suppose he is about to have an important meeting or even before the end of the day. Wouldn't it be likely that he would study the first few applications carefully and, as soon as he has found a suitable candidate, just skim the rest of the way? A clear bonus for the applicants in the first place in the alphabet.

If you cannot or do not want to change your name, it is difficult to get help. Possible ways out are usually not entirely legal. In the example above, you would have to manipulate the order of the files.A wrongly classified applicant would even attract the special attention of the hiring manager.

Very often there are situations where important data is stored in a computer. There are practically unlimited possibilities for influencing this. Many would-be specialists even make fun of falsifying data.

Of course, I was curious to see whether this method was already being used in practice. In August 1993, I put it to the test at Bielefeld University. Which name would be better suited as a train name than Bendixen, one of the great connoisseurs of name theory? So when I was looking for authors I gave Bendixen in the library computer. As expected, another name came up in response: Sanford Schane with his book Generative Phonology. 14

It is extremely unlikely that a connoisseur of phonology is not informed about the theory of names, especially since the first name Sanford immediately reminds of the world-famous Stanford University and thus promises competence. This is how this man succeeded in gaining prominence under a strange name without changing his own.

Originally I wanted to publish several names. Employee of the SEXI project (Search for Extraterretrial Intelligence 15) asked me to stick with this example. For my readers' understanding, I would like to briefly reproduce their arguments.

It is to be expected that extraterrestrial observers are on earth. It is believed that they are willing to interact with certain people. The problem is the choice. Earthly governments are subject to Strømbøem's illusion of decision-makers. In addition, they would use the knowledge gained from contact for their own selfish purposes. They are therefore not suitable for communication. Private individuals are difficult to assess. Even long-time friends often abuse the trust placed in them. One way out of the dilemma is to lay out traces that can only be recognized by exceptionally advanced thinkers. The name theory, which was so far little known to the public, was literally the ideal choice because it enables a targeted search. The traces laid out would be interpreted as simple computer errors by people who are not suitable for contact. The employees of SEXI pointed out that Sanfort Schane gets little benefit from making his name known in Germany of all places. The few computer experts who could have done this manipulation are likely to be completely ignorant of the name theory, mainly because the manipulation was done before this book was published.

In addition, Generative Phonology can be understood as the key to communication with extraterrestrials. Already on the first pages, Sanford Schane draws attention to a fascinating paradox. When speech is visualized on an oscilloscope, it appears as continuous noise. But humans understand them as a sequence of discrete sounds. If this paradox is transferred to interplanetary radio links, it becomes clear that the search for discrete extraterrestrial signals is likely to be unsuccessful. Why should civilizations whose observers are already on earth try to contact us with some kind of Morse code? Rather, it can be assumed that we are surrounded by a mixture of continuous extraterrestrial signals. The problem is the correct interpretation. Every computer specialist knows how difficult it is to recognize speech even from a single person. Even speaking with a piece of chewing gum in your mouth can ruin it. Schane's book is a valuable aid here.

I respect the opinion of the SEXI people and will therefore be cautious with my information, especially to protect any extraterrestrial observers. I would like to ask my readers to do the same. It should also be mentioned that SEXI is not funded by the federal government or industry. As a self-sustaining project, it is therefore dependent on donation support.

16.5 The progressive image association

The progressive image association, also known as showing off if it is improperly executed, is a technique that is very popular. In contrast to other methods, your own name is not changed here, but rather receives a new image with the help of suitable means.

In a society dominated by automobiles, buying a professionally selected vehicle promises great success. The cars of the manufacturers Porsche, BMW and Daimler Benz are very first choice. With other brands, you run the risk of getting the reputation of a snob or a geek. Under adverse circumstances, you could even suspect that you are earning your income with dubious means. Financing a luxury vehicle is generally problem-free today. Many banks offer their selfless help.

A number of important changes will occur in your life after your purchase. Not only will you be envious of your neighbors, business partners will also consider you successful and place more trust in you, a fact that will bring you some more profitable contracts. When using your progression agent, you should make sure to appeal to the largest possible audience. This is the only way to ensure general recognition and admiration. Often drive through the city at a slow pace. In particular, stop in front of important cafes. The use of the horn makes sense to attract the undivided attention of the audience. There is always a traffic offender who has to be put in his place. If not, you can also use the stereo system. The recommended minimum power is 200 watts. Don't forget to use the car phone. Inexpensive dummies are a worthwhile alternative.

The search for a life partner or playmate is made much easier by the skillful use of a luxury vehicle. If you take the above recommendations into account, contacts will come about by themselves. Much-cited demands by women on men such as honesty, sincerity, intelligence, tolerance, etc. have proven to be superfluous in practice 16 . Just make sure to point out your great successes from time to time and always have a monologue ready on all topics. A monologue is actually enough. Differentiated thinking is not necessarily required. 17

My readers will react indignantly to the above lines. Rightly so, I have not yet given sufficient consideration to your specific situation. In fact, you, my reader, will also benefit from an elegant car. The statements in the previous paragraphs also apply in many parts to women. Men also find a woman in a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes more desirable and attractive. As a woman it can happen to you that you only have a suitable vehicle after your wedding and that you have not married sufficiently progressively. In this case, unfortunately, this book fell into your hands too late. A joint visit with your husband to a competent name adviser can be helpful.

The progressive image association is by no means exhausted with the purchase of an expensive car. However, other techniques usually achieve a smaller circle of impressions. So a beautiful home is an effective tool. Pay attention to the corresponding interior fittings. Cheap furniture is a thing of the past. Silver cutlery tarnishes all too easily. Go for gold or platinum, with your monogram on it if possible. Your kitchen mixer should rotate at least twice as fast as your neighbour's appliance.

If you carefully follow the advice above, you will soon stop noticing any negative effects your name may have. Your name will become a minor matter and you can even expect that soon no one will remember it.

Specific goals can be achieved through more subtle forms of the progressive image association. A businessman friend of mine recently told me that he was looking for a partner to sell his products abroad. The people in question invited him to a business lunch. One of the applicants was repeatedly greeted by serious-looking people with the words “Hello, Mr. King! How good that I meet you. ”Or greeted similarly. It was always important to them to sign new contracts in the near future and to continue the good relationship. Without a doubt, this man was the ideal business partner. He got the contract.

I had to tell my friend that Mr. König had taken advantage of a new offer from Radiant Research. Obviously with success. King's acquaintances had been employees of this agency. My friend smiled and remarked that he must have found a very smart business partner. He will of course also use this offer in the future.

The professional services are usually too expensive for private purposes. But similar results can also be achieved with the help of some good friends. So I heard from a young man who had looked for a place in a pub near a beautiful blonde. Shortly afterwards he was greeted by two friends with the words “Hello Olaf, what is our Porsche driver doing here?”. The attractive blonde's interest was piqued, and contact was quickly established. She even forgave Olaf when she found out that he really didn't own a Porsche, just a Golf.

If you want to use the technique presented, make sure that your acquaintances are adapted to the situation. This is the only way to make a good impression. This means that suits are recommended for business relationships, and casual and casual appearances are the order of the day for leisure activities. Advanced learners also adjust their choice of words and gestures. A “Hello, old buddy!” Should be avoided in serious projects.

16.6 Make your name known!

Lots of people keep trying to make their name known. This becomes particularly clear in feature films that have extremely long opening credits or end credits in which all employees are immortalized. Such an approach is to be assessed as extremely clumsy. Experience has shown that viewers are annoyed by a long opening credits. A long trailer will switch off.Wearing gold chains with your own name on it is also one of the absolute embarrassments. Professionals generally use a name that suits their purpose. Also to be rejected are the widespread radio search reports. You would only be known as a person with family problems. Writing letters to the editor to newspapers or magazines is also doubtful. Many of these writers shine through stupid criticism and poor judgment. The initiate immediately recognizes the naming problems behind it. Nevertheless, a skilful letter to the editor can certainly serve its purpose. For some time now it has also been possible to buy a star in the sky, which is then given your own name. Even this approach does not promise success as long as the name cannot be read directly from Earth.

Fortunately, there are a number of elegant techniques you can use to get your name out there too. Real professionals start with it as a child. A Radiant Research employee once confessed to me that even as a toddler he liked to get lost in the supermarket just because he wanted to hear his exclamation.

The coffee cup with its own name is widespread. It makes more sense, of course, to give it a good name. In a cafeteria in particular, there are great opportunities for making contact. To choose a suitable name, please think back to the chapter Name and Life Partner.

The fake name tag is an increase in coffee cup technology. It is often easier to read than the name on a coffee cup and can be used in other areas as well. In addition to an ideal proper name, the name tag can also be provided with an interesting company name.

The business card is absolutely indispensable for modern people. Make sure you have a stack of business cards with you wherever you go. There are plenty of opportunities to distribute them, whether on the tram, in a traffic jam, in the elevator, in a restaurant or while jogging. Learn to start small conversations in every situation and make the addressees happy with your business card. You will be happy and honored. If you can't find a topic to talk about in a hurry, the best practice is to lose some business cards. The person in your immediate vicinity will be helpful and help you to collect. As you do so, his or her eye will fall on your business card and he or she will ask curious questions. This technique is also interesting when looking for a partner, especially because losing handkerchiefs is considered completely out. Don't be afraid to distribute your business cards among your friends. Your friends will keep a copy and show it around on other occasions. Unsuspectingly, they'll keep spreading your name.

The inscription on a business card should be chosen wisely. In contrast to the name badge, the business card offers more information options and greater creative freedom. Titles and swollen job titles definitely belong on the card. A company name can also be useful. Real professionals only use business cards with a coat of arms, a logo or a hologram.

The design of the business card should be left to a good agency. The shape of the card also plays a role for special purposes. In general, however, it is not recommended to deviate from the normal rectangular size, as unwieldy cards are easily rejected by the recipients. Even so, there are still numerous unusual possibilities. Cards with background images are very popular with collectors, and women will be pleased that business cards are now also available in various fashionable colors and perfumed. Swimmers welcome the waterproof plastic specimens, and industrialists have gold-plated cards or cards made of highly polished stainless steel. You should avoid cards with a built-in microchip that say your name in light. Too many recipients were irritated by the buzz of voices in their pockets on bright summer days.

As with the name tag, the business card should be given an impressive name. Real thoroughbred users have different business cards with different names for every occasion.

If you don't want to change your proper name, it is often helpful to use initials. Not everyone is lucky that the letters AS are on their handkerchiefs and that is why they literally have an Ace in their pocket. I was told about a young woman named Uschi Steinbeck who had her initials embroidered on her favorite blouse. Many men who dreamed of America asked, “US? United States of America? ”The first topic of conversation had already been found. A very unusual case was that of Thorsten Norbert Teichel, who worked in a women's club as a male stripper under the name TNT 18 celebrated great success.

In many cities, residents are free to choose a name when building a new street. Take advantage of this opportunity. Convince local residents or the city fathers to name the street after you. If you can't do that, just go the other way and name yourself after a street.

The technique of pseudo advertising is not yet too widespread, possibly because of the costs involved. In its simplest form, you act as a sponsor for a product. Commercial firms like to use this technique to get their name out there with the public. Follow this example! Wouldn't it be tempting if your local soccer club wore jerseys with your name on it?

Renting a billboard can also have its advantages. Kurt Knittelbüttel was particularly bold, and in his hometown he said his own picture with the words Kurt Knittelbüttel: “I don't smoke! And you? ”Exhibited. He made many new non-smoking friends. If a billboard is too expensive for you, advertising pillars or leaflets are also possible. Even radio advertising has been inexpensive since the advent of many local broadcasters.

However, accepting honorary positions is completely free. As the chairman of the local hats club, you'll enjoy the public's attention. In particular, the annoying notice papers that regularly clog your mailbox will often mention your name. Skilled writers, however, take money for reports on small town sizes.

The book is the ideal medium for the supraregional distribution of your name. The content even addresses certain target groups. By no means do I mean that you have to write a book yourself. The workload is great, the chance that it will be accepted by a publisher is too small. Progressive publishers therefore offer the title of honorary co-author. For a reasonable fee, your name will appear on the cover of a sellable book. It is cheaper to mention it in the Acknowledgments, but it is skipped over by many readers.

Some publishers have an alternative. At the beginning of the individual chapters there are quotations from apparently well-known personalities. Here you can have your own quote printed. Since nobody knows all famous people, they too will be counted among the great minds of mankind.

Foreword or foreword writers are particularly lucky. They are paid by the publishers to distribute their name.

16.7 The title

As you know, having a nobility or doctorate is extremely useful. If you don't want to pursue an academic career, consider buying a title.

In addition to the well-known title dealer Konsul Hans Hermann Weyer, you can also acquire nobility titles in England. An earl or a duke in particular have a good sound in Germany. With a little luck, you will also receive the matching castle or a representative palace for a reasonable surcharge.

Doctoral degrees are offered inexpensively by many foreign universities. Please pay attention to the current exchange rate. You should also view stocks as an investment. As this book becomes widespread, the demand will increase dramatically and prices will skyrocket. First come first serve. However, crisis security cannot be guaranteed. A possible release of the title by the legislature could destroy all speculation.

16.8 The nickname

The nickname is one of the techniques with a long tradition. Although the epithet was used by almost all the greats in world history, it has been somewhat forgotten in recent times. Wrongly, as Hans Hermann Weyer, the beautiful consul, proves. My readers may form their own judgment as to whether this man is really beautiful. Some time ago I heard the story of a student who was known as the queen of the cafeteria. Allegedly she had successes with many men with it.

Nicknames that arise as a result of a character assassination campaign are extremely dangerous. For moral reasons, I cannot go into any further detail.

How do you come up with a suitable nickname? It is best if you have friends who often mention the nickname you have chosen among acquaintances. It is one of the peculiarities of society that the nickname is particularly readily accepted when the person concerned does not know anything about it. You should therefore not be present on these occasions.

Famous people know how to use the media. They allow comments such as “A competitor recently called me the sharp thinker from the Odenwald” or “As you know, I am also called the chameleon because I can adapt to the market situation at lightning speed” in their interviews. The last statement is particularly bold because the unsuspecting reporter is accused of the nickname being well known. To cover up his ignorance, he will publish the nickname in his article. In fact, the nickname was only known to the interviewee before the interview.

The right epithet has a similar effect to a title. When used properly, it is an inexpensive and creative alternative.

16.9 The Foundation

The foundation's technology has the extraordinary advantage that no one will accuse you of pursuing selfish motives. The disadvantage is that a relatively large amount of capital has to be invested.Set up a foundation that will address issues of general concern, such as: B. the support of the German intellectual offspring or the care of the German umlauts. This foundation will of course bear your name. A large number of people will support your project on a voluntary basis. Ultimately, the foundation will be able to finance itself independently from its donations. The immortality of your name is taken care of.

Instead of setting up an expensive foundation, donating a prize is usually sufficient. Literature prizes are particularly popular. At the moment (1993) there are around 500 in Germany. However, they have the disadvantage that they have to be paid anew every year. The foundation of a work of art must be considered a real price hit. Such a work will be placed in a popular place in your hometown and will ensure your name permanent fame. When choosing the work of art, pay particular attention to the target group so that you do not get the reputation of a pure provocateur.

16.10 The charity event

Although widespread in America, the charity event still leads a shadowy existence in this country. Wrongly, because as everyone knows from American movies, a clever charity event turns even the biggest villain into a social lamb in the public mind. As with the foundation, this technique also effectively excludes the accusation of egoism. Another benefit of charity events is the low cost. Most of the time, there is just a little organizational effort to manage. Your own expenses can be covered with the help of entrance fees, ticket prices and the like.

For a charity event to be a success, one must first choose a theme that is dear to the general public, such as helping starving artists or unemployed armaments experts. The actual event usually takes place in the form of a festival. Monetary income is generated through the entrance fee, the sale of food or other things, a raffle or even attractions such as bungee jumping. Experience shows that people are actually attracted by everything that promises them a change.

In exceptional cases, charity events are also offered in the form of hikes or bike tours for a fee, which also reduces the organizational and cost outlay.

Those familiar with the theory of names know, of course, that the only thing that matters at the events is the spread of their name. Therefore, every invitation, announcement and lot should bear the name of the organizer. Make your name known!

Particularly shrewd insiders have recognized that the actual event only serves secondary purposes. That is why they do without it entirely. Instead, they send out invitations and have the newspaper report on their plans. In contrast to advertisements, this form of advertising is free. The event itself will be canceled in good time due to the weather or other reasons. The main purpose of spreading one's own name is of course fulfilled with this elegant approach.

A disadvantage of the charity event is the sometimes low recall value. All too common charity events should therefore be repeated annually.

16.11 Name advice

If the techniques presented in this chapter were not helpful to you, we recommend visiting a name counselor. Unfortunately, the inexpensive alternative to computer analysis has some disadvantages. The results are simply too general for severe cases because the specific situation cannot be taken into account. In addition, there are many dubious providers on the market who offer little more information than a name dictionary. Computer analyzes are available from around 50 DM.

Professional name advisers are significantly more expensive, but also offer a lot more. The good name advisor gets a precise picture of the customer's social environment. It also takes into account childhood experiences and possible name changes. Due to his in-depth training and many years of experience, he can find an optimal solution in which current fashion trends are also exploited.

How do you recognize a good name adviser? A question of the utmost importance. It is precisely in this area that many charlatans have settled in the hope of pulling money out of their victims' pockets with stupid chatter. For those who have been betrayed, the visit to the counselor ends with a great disappointment, they often see no possibility of improving their lives. Fortunately, even laypeople can recognize competent advisors by a few characteristics.

Almost all reputable consultants offer so-called trial periods. For a fee that is only slightly higher than the cost of a computer analysis, an initial interview can take place. The consultant lets himself be informed by his customer about his problems and then decides whether a detailed treatment makes sense at all. It is often sufficient if the customer receives a special leaflet with promising rules for his name.

The course of the consultation provides important information. Fraudsters generally do not respond adequately to the customer. As soon as they find out his name, they begin to give advice in order to impress with their pseudo-knowledge. Serious advisors take their time. You first let the customer tell about their specific problems and then try to find a solution together with them. Only a result that is also accepted by the customer is a good result. A consultant who immediately gives a ready-made recipe must be classified as unsuitable.

The consultation atmosphere is also very important. Fraudsters like to try to pretend competence through overcrowded waiting rooms. They hope that with so many clients, the victim will think the advisor must be competent. A malicious deception. Exemplary consultants often do not have a waiting room at all. You work individually on an appointment. In many cases, they are also willing to make house calls or arrange a meeting point with the customer where he or she feels particularly comfortable. The practice of a consultant is comfortably furnished and conveys a feeling of comfort. Pastel colors underline the warm atmosphere.

For incomprehensible reasons, the costs for a name consultation are not borne by the health insurances, although the name consultation in particular can solve many emotional conflicts permanently. The majority of customers report a dramatic improvement or cure for typical psychosomatic illnesses.

Group seminars offered by many consultants are an inexpensive alternative to individual counseling. Group seminars have the advantage that the customer realizes that he is not alone with his problems. Long-term friendships often develop later on from the open atmosphere of these seminars. Although the individual solutions are somewhat in the background in the group seminars, many customers see them as a significant enrichment of their lives.

Company bosses often want a comprehensive name analysis in their company. Such analyzes are very expensive and are generally carried out by larger agencies. Independent consultants should have extensive professional experience. Consultants are often smuggled into the various departments under a code name in order to enable undisturbed analysis.

The operational analysis offers a number of advantages. Employees who were denied promotion because of their name are quickly recognized. It is possible to disentangle clusters of associations and eliminate typical disruptive centers of the company atmosphere. Extensive group seminars are often held with employees. The result is increased effectiveness and significantly greater flexibility. The high cost of an analysis usually pays for itself after a short time.

Turn your disadvantage to your advantage.

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