Which cannabis strains have the most CBD?

CBD-rich cannabis strains

What is a CBD strain?

Many cannabis varieties contain a little CBD - but not all of them are declared as CBD-rich varieties in the SeedFinder! Here you will only find cannabis varieties with a minimum amount of 2% cannabidiol (CBD), but only if the ratio of CBD to THC is higher than approx. 1: 8! This excludes most of the classic cannabis strains that are extremely high in THC but very low in CBD!

What's not a CBD strain?

As mentioned earlier, some strains may contain CBD but are not listed in our CBD strain database. For example, many Lebanese, Pakistani, or Afghan indicas can often contain small amounts of CBD - but most of them also have comparatively overwhelming levels of THC. In the past - before the advent of modern, CBD-rich varieties - many breeders added labels such as "extremely high CBD content" or "THC: high - CBD: high" to their variety descriptions - but with reference to maximum CBD contents 1 or 2 percent. This was extremely high at the time - but rather low for the modern CBD strains. Sure, even small amounts of CBD like this can have a significant impact on the effects or medicinal properties of a cannabis strain - but that's not what people expect when they look for a "CBD strain" these days - and that's why let's ignore them here in this particular database!