Cold fronts can cause migraines and headaches

Cold can cause headaches

The head hurts, you can no longer concentrate properly and feel tired and limp. Especially now in the cool season, the change from room temperature to a low outside temperature can lead to headaches.

The head muscles tense up due to the cool wind and cold and, in connection with other causes, such as an inflammatory reaction in the brain, can, in the worst case, cause a migraine attack.

Warmth and light massages help

Warmth and gentle massage can help loosen up cramped muscles. However, if the cold triggered a migraine attack, the pain usually lasts for hours. Mild and moderate migraine attacks can then be treated with conventional headache medication; in severe cases, special migraine preparations help. In the case of sensitive migraine patients, it is therefore advisable to wear warming headgear when it is cold in winter.

It is also beneficial to improve your ability to adapt to the weather by walking outdoors as often as possible, regardless of the weather. Sports such as mountain hiking, walking, cycling or cross-country skiing are ideal. Sauna sessions in combination with alternating showers train the vessels so that they react quickly to different temperature stimuli.

In the case of regular headaches, it is fundamentally important to be clarified with a doctor in order to undertake targeted treatment or prophylaxis.

Preventing headaches

Stress, lack of sleep or food intolerance can also trigger migraines. To prevent headache attacks, you can keep a headache diary to get to know your personal triggers. It records when and under what circumstances migraine attacks occur and which painkillers you are taking in which dose. This not only helps you understand your migraines better, but also helps you avoid taking too many pain relievers.

During the winter months, you should also make sure to drink enough water to avoid dehydration of the body and eventually colds and headaches.

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