Can defeat Kakashi Obito

Did Kakashi eventually outperform Itachi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru?

In my opinion, there is far too much misunderstanding on this subject. I don't understand where half of these answers come from as I've been a Naruto fan for over 11 years.


I saw someone speak of Tsunade's strong Taijutsu. Tsunade is a terribly weak fighter. The reason she can hit so hard is because of her chakra control, which she explained to Sakura in detail in the training flashbacks. Mind you, she has against Kabuto lost. It has often been said that Kabuto is "exactly on Kakashi's level". By now, Kabuto was one of the strongest people in the series. Don't forget that Tsunade is a medic, not a fighter. She is exceptional as a medic, not as a fighter. As a fighter, she is just your everyday jounin level.

Jiraiya: I also saw someone respond about his taijutsu saying it was so strong because of his frog kimute. Well, he can only use that in sage mode. Anyway, I believe Jiraiya was the strongest of the Sannin, and in fact, Kakashi would be quite easy to defeat. There is simply no doubt about that ... or is there? The fact is, these people know each other well. If Jiraiya didn't know about Kakashi's Sharingan, especially his "I'll shoot you into another dimension!" Trick, he would likely lose, surprisingly. Kakashi is an assassin type ninja and would almost always win a fight when it comes to tricks.


I'm pretty sure Orochimaru would win simply because he's pretty much immortal. He has a lot of very dirty tricks and Kakashi wouldn't have the chakra / stamina to keep the fight going. Without that, Kakashi would likely win.


Obito would probably kick Kakashi's ass, but he would also kick Sannin's ass. People like Orochimaru posed no threat to him at all. Obito is a super operating room. Also, his Sharingan is much stronger than Kakashi's.


Kakashi would just lose to Itachi. Itachi is possibly the strongest character that has ever existed. A lot of people have a tendency to say, "Apart from Obito / Madara," but I disagree. Itachi was, as far as we know, the most brilliant ninja anyone has ever known. All we saw of Itachi was a show of force while he was dying. Not once have we seen Itachi unfold his full power. His susanoo's were so strong for a reason. While Madara is OP in a disgusting way, I wouldn't be so sure Obito is stronger than Itachi, let alone Kakashi.

Kakashi himself:

It should be noted that Kakashi's strength was not extremely stable throughout the series. Kakashi is known for having a ridiculously small chakra pool. Pretty much every genin we've seen had a larger chakra pool than Kakashi, especially when using his Sharingan. However, Kakashi is known to be a tactical genius. He's an assassin-type ninja and would kill almost anyone if he were the ambush for once. He analyzes every situation perfectly and always comes up with a great plan to deal with it. That said, absurdly, operating theater folks like Orochimaru and Itachi wouldn't mind it, since Orochimaru is immortal and Itachi is just as much a genius as Kakashi, if not more. Basically, Kakashi would win almost every fight if he were the one to initiate it, and his opponent would actually die from having his hearts wiped out ...: P

- my final conclusion is: no, Kakashi did not outperform it in terms of all-round strength, but he outperformed it in a strategic sense. Basically, you'd want Kakashi to be the team leader while Jiraiya should be the one he's bossing around. Kakashi is basically the boogeyman. It's most dangerous when you can't see it :)