What are console builders

"Call of Duty: WW2" alluded to: When the PC player went down against the "console builders"

The discussion about the better control devices of first person shooters has existed since the first representatives of this genre found their way onto consoles. PC gamers usually swear by the combination of mouse and keyboard. On the console, on the other hand, you have always been calibrated to the controller with its two analog sticks. Unsurprisingly, this debate often triggers those memes that portray the platform boundaries within the gaming community as a conflict between the "PC Master Race" and the "console builders".

The author of these lines grants every gamer their preferred control device, but has always sworn by buttons and electronic rodents in first person shooters, while the controller is used for games like "Fifa", "Pro Evo" or "Rocket League". An attitude of refusal that should take revenge during the hands-on of the next "Call of Duty" part at E3.

Tried team deathmatch and war mode

"Call of Duty: WW2" brings the series back to its ancestral scenario - the Second World War, in keeping with the general reboot rage. There was nothing to be seen of the promised, comprehensive story mode in the test run, instead two multiplayer games were played. In addition to a regular team death match, there was also a section in "war mode" to be completed

The first variant is self-explanatory. Two teams are fighting on a map. There is one point for each enemy shot, whereby the fallen can reappear in their own starting area after a short break and intervene in the battle. Whoever reaches a certain number of points or is in the lead after the time has run out wins the match. Before the start you can choose from several soldier classes, whereby the division - from the infantry all-rounder to the sniper to the tank destroyer with bazooka - is kept fairly "classic".

The PC gamer as cannon fodder

Not bad at all for practicing, so the author's initial train of thought. After two quick kills at the beginning, there was even a little euphoria. Isn't shooting with the controller cumbersome in the end? The opponents had an answer ready. No sooner did an opponent appear than the respawn timer counted down again. (How the hell can you aim so fast with analog sticks?)

A pattern that would repeat itself in war mode (this time with zero kills and 13 deaths). The feel of the game itself is rather "arcade" despite the realistically low tolerance of the players towards lead balls.

In the second battle, the Axis team had to defend a certain point on the map. When this failed, further defensive tasks followed, including preventing the opposing allies from building a bridge and advancing their tanks. A task-based concept, as it is already known from other shooters. However, it only represented an excerpt, because the war mode consists of several battles, which are combined with different cutscenes depending on the course.

Atmospheric implementation

Apart from the occasional wooden animation, "Call of Duty: WW2" makes a very decent impression graphically. The developers at Sledgehammer Games have built cards that create a very atmospheric combat environment. The successful soundscape does the rest for the good "look and feel" of the game. One can only hope that a similar amount of effort goes into the plot of the story mode.

As far as can be said from the hands-on session, multiplayer friends can expect an entertaining, well-staged experience in the latest iteration of the "mandatory call". The implementation of the announced "online wars" with masses of participants will show whether one can also stand out from the competition. And also the story mode, which unfortunately could not be tried out at E3.

"Call of Duty: WW2" will be released on November 3rd for Windows, Xbox One and Playstation 4. (Georg Pichler, July 14th, 2017)