Can two figures be similar and congruent

Similarity of figures

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In this explanation you will learn how to check two figures for similarities.

similarity of figures

You know the term similar from everyday language: Twins often look alike, mother and daughter sometimes look alike and even dog and owner can look amazingly similar.The term is also used in mathematics to express the similarity of figures. Similar figures have the same shape, but differ in their size and position. From a figure F, you get a similar figure F ‘if you enlarge or reduce the figure F with a centric stretch. Then you can move, rotate or mirror the figure F '. The result is a figure F ‘similar to F.
Figures F and F ‘are called similar to each other if F can be enlarged or reduced by a centric stretching so that a figure that is congruent to F’ is created.
How do two similar figures F and F ‘differ and how do they correspond?
Two figures are similar to each other when
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