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hardware Set up a new FritzBox - this is how it works


Nowadays, the FritzBox is basically the standard router in German households - and for good reason: The current top models offer fast Internet, are fully comprehensive telephone systems and offer extras such as network storage or media servers. In the following, we will show you how you can set up your new FritzBox.

How to set up your new FritzBox:

13. Last but not least - finish setting up the FritzBox:

That's it: You can now use your FritzBox for Internet access, for making calls and as a NAS device. It is now set up. Of course, you still have a few options for fine tuning: You can change the name of the FritzBox WLAN under “WLAN -> Wireless Network” or the access password for the WLAN under “WLAN -> Security”. You can also set up your own WLAN for guests in the "WLAN -> Guest Access" menu. In the “Internet” menu there are also a number of options for optimizing Internet access. Here you can set up a VPN or shares for remote access. It makes sense to have a MyFritz account, which you can also create here.

Would you also like to use your FritzBox as network storage? Then we will explain to you in this article how to set up "FritzNAS".