What is the greatest goal in life

Life priorities: finding and achieving goals

Lots of people feel like theirs Priorities in life to lose sight of it. In everyday professional and private life there is often too little time to pursue one's own goals. Anyone who then wastes a lot of energy doing what others think is important can only become unhappy in the long term. We'll show you how to identify and pursue your real priorities in life ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Which goals are important to us?

Many people have problems with Set priorities (correctly). The reasons for this can be different. Some find it difficult to separate the important from the unimportant. Others can be quickly dissuaded from their goal. Others postpone their priorities right away, hoping to have more time in a few years.

So it can happen that we our Losing sight of priorities and surrender to the daily grind. The result: frustration, unhappiness and not infrequently also health problems. The typical side effects of the hamster wheel.

Priorities and goals in life can come from very different areas and still be similar. It is interesting to note that Bronnie Ware describes her experiences as a palliative nurse in the book The top five regrets of the dying has held.

As the title suggests, repent people similar things at the end of their life. When asked about their major failures, the patients answered the following:

  • I wish I had the courage to live my own life.
  • I wish I hadn't worked that much.
  • I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.
  • I wish I had kept in touch with my friends.
  • I wish I had allowed myself to be happier.

Find priorities in life

Inspired by the book by Bronnie Ware, consider the following Thought experiment dare to find your priorities in life:

Imagine sitting in a rocking chair at the age of 85 and looking back at your life. What do you think your 85 year old self would say to the way you live today?

Would the old you have nothing to complain about in your current life plan or, looking back, could you regret some things that you have done and maybe even are currently doing?

If you find that you may very well have regrets in old age, consider yours Rethink goals. Perhaps you have the opportunity to realign your priorities in life.

Most of us can only partially do that. Even if we come to the conclusion that we spend less time at work and care about a better one Work-life balance we can't always change that. After all, we have to make a living.

But that means all the more that we should be clear about our priorities in life - and as quickly as possible, because this is life is short. Setting priorities in life has not only to do with self-reflection, but also with what is available Making the best possible use of time.

Have more time for important things

If you have been able to identify the things that are really important to you in life, the next step is to give them enough time. Of course, it is also not effective if you concentrate solely on your priorities. Some tasks in life we ​​have plain and simple -if we want to or not.

That is precisely why it is good time management important. So you can get the most out of the limited time - after all, the day only has 24 hours.

Among other things, it works like this:

  • Find the balance

    Unfortunately there is no path to one compensation between what you would like to do and what you have to do over. Very few of us can only deal day in, day out with the things that are our highest priority.

    You can strike a balance between the two poles if you are clear about what things are absolutely done Need to become. This is how you know how much time you have left in the day or in the week to devote yourself to your priorities in life.

    You can find this out by writing down the things that you absolutely have to do over a certain period of time (a week, or a month, if you like). These include, among other things

    • job
    • household
    • shop
    • Family activities
    • Hobbies

    The list can of course be customized. The only important thing is that you write down those tasksthat need to be done. Ideally also with the time frame that you plan for it.

    At the end of the week (or month) you have with it an overviewwhat you absolutely need to take care of and also know how much time you have left to pursue your priorities in life.

  • Do not forget yourself

    Working people often think that you when it comes to life priorities family and friends should definitely allow more time. That can also be right. Especially with a stressful job and a big career that also takes up a lot of time, family and friends can quickly take a back seat.

    Still, don't forget yourself. Make sure you also allow a little time for yourself. A little bit Relaxation and switch off a little it is also part of it, so that you have all the more strength to pursue all the goals that you have set yourself. If you don't do this, you run the risk of endangering your health sooner or later or even of burnout.

  • Avoid multitasking

    What we already know from the professional environment also applies to the non-professional context: Multitasking doesn't work. In fact, our brains are not designed to do multiple things at once. When it comes to things that are important to us, certainly not.

  • Evaluate your priorities in life

    Even the best tips and tricks won't help you if you don't pursue your own priorities in life. You may briefly manage to pursue goals that others consider important, but in the long term this approach will get you nowhere.

    If you waste all of your energy pursuing other people's priorities, you end up Frustration instead of happiness. Our following test can help you get back to your goals in life.

Priority test: Are you pursuing the right goals?

To find your priorities in life is of course one good level of self-reflection necessary - and that is exactly what you can achieve with this little test.

Our diagram can help you to pause briefly and reflect on your own goals. We hope that this will give you an impetus so that you can recognize and pursue your very own priorities in life.

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