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Instagram: the most important functions at a glance

In the last three years in particular, the functionality of the app has expanded significantly. This also includes the “Instagram Stories” function. This has even become so popular with users that it has become an indispensable part of the app.

Similar to a normal post, pictures and videos can also be shared using the story function. The only difference is that the articles can be viewed online for a maximum of 24 hours. This makes it possible to virtually take the viewer with you live - be it on a trip, an event or in everyday life. Especially for bloggers or influencers, this is a good opportunity to give followers an insight into their work for even greater reach and interaction.

Good to know:

  • Video length: maximum 15 seconds
  • Story is automatically deleted after 24 hours

Upload an Instagram story to the platform and it will appear above the news feed of your followers directly on the start page. Various functions are available to you to increase the reach of a story, to actively involve the viewer and to make it more entertaining. A location or hashtag can be integrated into the story to increase the reach of the story. If users search for a hashtag or a specific location, your story will automatically appear in the search. If, on the other hand, you would like to actively involve your followers, Instagram also offers surveys or quiz stickers especially for this purpose. These stickers enable the viewer to respond interactively in the story right away. In addition, various filters, emojis and GIFs are available for even more variety and for creative processing of your stories.