Is drinking overrated?

Detox - Useful or Overrated?

Everyone is talking about Detox, drink raw food juices and get a massage to stimulate detoxification processes. What exactly does Sandra Winkens mean by detox? Sandra will teach the Detox Yoga Retreat with us from May 23-30, 2015 and has long been concerned with the variety of nutrition theories that today's market has to offer.

Hello Sandra, what does detox mean to you?

“Clearing out the apartment, completing postponed tasks and clearing the mind with the help of yoga. For me, detox means first and foremost freeing yourself from contaminated sites. Of course, there are also the classic cures where you only drink juice, follow a mono diet, or fast. That often sounds unpleasant and, in my experience, is not ideal for every body. "

What does your ideal detox regimen look like?

“My approach is based on yogic principles.Shaucha is Sanskrit and means purity. Practicing the asanas and pranayamas removes toxins that result from excessive self-indulgence. According to B.K.S Iyengar, it is particularly important to cleanse ourselves of negative feelings and thoughts. There are several ways to do this. One is the practice of bhakti: surrender to the power that created us. If we look for the good in others instead of looking for mistakes, we automatically gain more self-respect. I learned a lot during my Panchakarma cure in India in 2014. For example, what concerns the different types (doshas, ​​energies) and how to bring them into a healthy balance. Nutrition plays an important role, it should strengthen our vitality. "

Every little step counts and makes sense. Approach the matter in a relaxed manner and you will notice that you will soon feel better both physically and mentally.

What kind of diet do you think is useful, especially during the detox cure?

“I am inspired by the approaches of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Acidification is also an issue in our society that should not be underestimated. It is understood as an imbalance in the acid-base balance. Stress makes the body acidic and promotes inflammation. The principle is simple: when the mind is stressed, so is the body. In particular luxury foods, sugar, animal products as well as pasta and baked goods should be reduced to a minimum. It makes sense to take a cure once or twice a year, such as our Detox Retreat, from May 23rd to May 30th. "

In your opinion, what are the biggest mistakes you can make when detoxing?

“If the organism is too heavily loaded with toxins and the immune system is weak, you should first bring the acid-base balance into balance. Detoxing with juices that contain a lot of fructose causes sharp fluctuations in the blood sugar level and weakens the pancreas. Juice cures are also not suitable for every constitution. And if so, you should be careful to use more leafy greens and vegetables, less fruit. Those who detox to lose weight should be aware that a cure offers the possibility of a change in diet, but it should not be viewed as a diet. When the body gains purity, the mind becomes calm, and the nervous system gains strength, there is no need to consume harmful things. Yoga also supports a finer awareness of oneself, which results in mindfulness and reflective action. "

Here is a short summary of Sandra’s Do’s & Don’ts

Detox DO’s

sufficient liquid: still water and herbal tea
Exercise (attention: excessive sport or competitive sport also brings the organism into an acidic pH value)
yogic breathing techniques (pranayama)


Detox DON’Ts

carbonated mineral water


SANDRA WINKENS lives and works in Berlin as a yoga teacher. She teaches a flowing vinyasa style that focuses on regeneration, healing and strengthening. Her own experiences from different yoga traditions can be found in her lessons. In addition to yoga classes, Sandra can be booked for a traditional Thai yoga massage. You can find regular inspiration on her blog, Facebook page or Instagram.