What are the problems of metaphysics

Heidegger, Martin: Kant and the problem of metaphysics

Published by Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann
7th edition 2010. XVIII, 318 pages. Kt € 22.90
ISBN 978-3-465-04104-7
Klostermann RoteReihe Volume 35

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Heidegger's "Kant book" is one of the most important debates of the 20th century with the Königsberg philosopher. The volume contains the numerous marginal notes from Heidegger's personal copy. The appendix brings Heidegger's notes on the Kantbuch as well as several texts that document Heidegger's philosophical examination of Ernst Cassirer and Marburg Neo-Kantianism, including the report on Heidegger's Davos disputation with Cassirer in the spring of 1929 and the essay "On the history of the philosophical chair since 1866" , in which Heidegger gives a concise account of the history of Marburg Neo-Kantianism from Hermann Cohen to Paul Natorp to Ernst Cassirer and Nicolai Hartmann.

In Kant and the problem of metaphysics gives Heidegger - in return for the neo-Kantian interpretation of Kant Critique of Pure Reason as an epistemology and theory of experience - an interpretation of this first major work by Kant as a foundation of metaphysics, the more original repetition of which the fundamental ontology as the metaphysics of existence in Being And Time is. Kant and the problem of metaphysics is therefore to be understood as a "historical" introduction to the in Being And Time The problem discussed, "which", according to Heidegger, "only became possible because force was used against Kant in the direction of a more original version of the transcendental project in its unity, exposure of the transcendental imagination. This Kant interpretation is 'historically' incorrect, Certainly, but it is historical, that is, it relates to the preparation of future thought and only related to it. "