Is greater intelligence the solution to everything

Artificial intelligence: using large amounts of data profitably

Images are used as a starting point to recognize objects, measure sizes, evaluate user input or even draw conclusions about the meaning in the current context.

Examples: Damage detection on vehicles, quality control of materials and production goods, sorting of piece goods, object detection in confusing situations, evaluation of user-generated data

Continuous data streams from sensors (e.g. audio data, vibration values, temperature, etc.) are examined in order to identify patterns or deviations. Incoming signals are converted according to the requirements of the application in order to ensure efficient processing

Examples: Anomaly detection in the event of malfunctions, filtering of background noises, intelligent smart home

Documents, e-mails, comments and evaluations in written form are understood and classified in the current context in order to react appropriately. In addition to the direct information in the sentence, the implicit context and the intention are also taken into account.

Examples: Sentiment analysis of social media posts, classification of user comments, similarity analyzes between different documents, paraphrasing of documents

Our AI experts work hand in hand with domain specialists from our industry-specific departments and are in constant discourse and information exchange in order to create new and innovative solutions. This enables us to create synergies between solutions from different industries.

We support companies from the first analysis through advice and training to installation and configuration. And afterwards we are also available for queries and readjustments. We develop individual solutions - tailored to the problem areas, the data sources and the specific requirements of our customers.