What's a big compliment in Mexico

Expansion of dual training in Mexico

"Our experience to date with dual training is excellent and we would like to expand this to other professional fields," says State Secretary Dr. Rodolfo Tuirán from the Mexican Ministry of Education explained the background to the recent visit to Germany.

Together with several parliamentarians, a Mexican government delegation accompanied by German cooperation partners visited the Chamber of Crafts (HwK) Koblenz to find out about the dual training in practice.

In the Center for Nutrition and Health, the Mexican vocational training experts exchanged ideas with Managing Director Alexander Baden and President Kurt Krautscheid as well as with apprentices, training foremen and training advisors.

The focus was on questions about the Comparability of German-Mexican training content and Entry requirements for dual training. "Even if the occupational fields are different and their number is much higher in Germany, there are many parallels," said Hortensia Aragón Castillo, Congresswoman and President of the Education Commission, and referred to the positive experiences of the duality of in-company and school-based training.

"Our visit to the Koblenz training workshops for bakers, confectioners and hairdressers was very impressive. The equipment and training content are excellent," praised State Secretary Tuirán, who spoke to young people about their motives and plans.

On the initiative of the Central Office for International Vocational Training Cooperation in the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) and the German Society for International Cooperation, the HwK vocational training centers were deliberately chosen to give vocational training experts from South America an insight into the German Training practice in the craft to convey.

"With the opportunity to work as a salaried journeyman after completing their training, or to run a company or study after passing the master craftsman's examination, the trade offers young people interesting prospects. The dual training lays the foundation and everything builds on it," says HwK- Chief Executive Baden out.

Kurt Krautscheid, for his part, went into the experiences in the company. The self-employed master roofer and trainer knows about the great importance of the dual system, "which has proven itself every day in practice. It ensures well-trained young professionals, the young people for their part know that they are highly valued and sought-after specialists after successful training."

"We would like to extend a big compliment to our Mexican guests," emphasized the HwK top. "Because while other countries praise the German training system, and some are sure to look jealously, Mexico has gotten started and introduced this system with appropriate local adjustments. The fact that we are now working together on improving and expanding it fills us as the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts with pride and so do we we are happy to contribute! ".