Why do we need to be aware

If we want to be truly happy, we have to make a conscious choice

“Life is good when we live in a way that makes it good.” That was an inspiring message that I read many years ago. What is referred to as the “good life” in this message comes from the way we act, from what we say, and even from the thoughts we give ourselves.

Nobody needs to feel alone on the road of life because we are all invited to come to Christ and become perfect in him. To be happy is the purpose of the gospel and the purpose of the redeeming Atonement for all people.

The account in the Book of Helaman expresses this quite succinctly: “So we can see that the Lord is too all of them are merciful who call on his holy name in the sincerity of their hearts.

Yes, so we see that the gate of heaven all is open, namely thosewho believe in the name of Jesus Christ who is the Son of God.

Yeah we see that anyone who wants, can seize the word of God, and this is living and powerful, and it ... leads the Christian man on a narrow and narrow path ... and brings his soul, yes, his immortal soul, to the right hand of God in the kingdom of heaven. "1

My dear brothers and sisters, we need to realize that willing is the crucial factor that leads us to grasping the word of God and becoming happy. If we persist in making the right decisions, it will lead to happiness.

We become happy as a result of our obedience and our courage to always do the will of God even under the most difficult of circumstances. When the prophet Lehi warned the people of Jerusalem, they mocked him and tried to kill him, as had happened to other prophets of old. I quote the prophet Nephi: “I ... will show you that the Lord's loving, great mercy above all of them rule, whom he has chosen because of their faith, to make them mighty, yes, to the power of liberation. "2

When I was a missionary in northern Mexico, a few days after the Valdez family baptismal service we received a call from Brother Valdez; he asked us to visit. He wanted to ask us something important. Now that he knew the Lord's will regarding the Word of Wisdom, he wondered if he should continue to work for the cigarette company where he had been employed for many years, despite probable difficulties in getting a new job. A few days later, Brother Valdez asked us again to come and see him. He had decided to resign because he was unwilling to act against his convictions. And then he told us, smiling and moving, that the very day he quit his old job, another company had called him and offered him a much better job.

Yes, we can be happy even in the midst of a test of faith. The Lord reveals himself to us in his loving, great mercy, which we experience on the way to happiness. So we recognize his hand more and more clearly in our life.

Being happy is a state of mind. This joyful state is the result of a righteous life.3

A few years ago, when I was mission president, my wife, Evelia, witnessed a touching scene of happiness when she saw a faithful family come into the meetinghouse. The mother and her two young children had walked from their simple home to church that day in the stifling heat. They never thought they would meet Elder Cruz there, the zealous missionary who brought them the message of the restored gospel the previous year. This wonderful surprise made them aware of the joy the gospel had brought them. The children ran and hugged him, and while Elder Cruz tears of joy rolled down his cheeks, the mother took his hands and thanked him with emotion for all the good he had brought them. Certainly they had found the happiness that is prepared and reserved for the saints.4

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught: “To be happy is the purpose and purpose of our existence, and that end will be achieved if we follow the path that leads there. This path is called virtue, faultlessness, faithfulness, holiness, and obeying all of God's commandments. "5

After the difficult and long journey to the Promised Land and after thirty years of faithful striving to keep the commandments of God,6 The tireless Book of Mormon Prophet Nephi summarized the history of his people as follows: "And it came to pass that we lived the mode of bliss."7

In the Book of Mormon, the Prophet and King Benjamin defines happiness as “the blessed and happy state of those ... who keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in everything, both temporally and spiritually. "8

Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, life is good when we live in such a way that it becomes good. Believing, wishing, deciding and choosing what is right - these are the simple actions that make us happier and grow in us a confidence that goes far beyond this life.

Let us remember that the Lord is still calling us with the words: “Come to me, all of you who toil and have to bear heavy burdens. I will give you rest. "9 I know he's alive and that he keeps knocking on our door. He restored his Church and the fulness of the gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith and through the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Today he leads his Church and kingdom through our beloved prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley.

I assure you of my love and humble testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.