What are the cool gadgets of 2016

7 electronic gadgets: Cool gadgets

  • 360Fly Lifestyle Cam

    5 out of 5 points

    "... The handy round ... hides a camera with a fish-eye lens. This allows recording at an extremely wide angle. In the playback, however, only a section of this recording is used. But it is variable, so you can change your view of the world as it suits you. ... even underwater recordings are possible with the lightweight up to 5 m depth. "

  • Sony Bluetooth smartphone controller RM-X7BT

    • Type: Car hands-free system;
    • Mounting type: dashboard

    5 out of 5 points

    “... Sony offers ... a bridge that brings the usual intuitive operation with haptic feedback into the new age of connectivity. A Bluetooth adapter, which can be charged via USB or the cigarette lighter, acts as an intermediary between a cell phone (with music and telephony) and a remote control with just a few buttons that can be conveniently attached to the center console. Very simple, but effective ... "

  • 4smarts VR Spectator Sound

    4 out of 5 points

    “... The glasses fit well and provide a clean screen against ambient light. A button below activates the input function on the screen. The lens distance and sharpness are adjustable, but not separately for each eye - a disadvantage for people with ametropia. The built-in headphones can be activated via a jack plug. These could sit a little tighter and thus shield better. "

  • Callstel button headset with car charging station

    • Type: Car hands-free system

    4 out of 5 points

    “For design purists, there is the Bluetooth headset that you can hardly see. With this little button in your ear you can make the spaceship crew from science fiction series like Star Trek look old. The microphone is also attached to the earplug, with a single button you activate the device, initiate the coupling and accept calls. The flea is charged via a dock in the cigarette lighter. "

  • NavGear Universal Bluetooth Headset BTH-200

    4 out of 5 points

    "... The flat loudspeaker is inserted into the helmet, a microphone with noise suppression is attached to the outside and the motorcyclist is 'on the road' on the wire."

  • RC Insane BuzzBee Nano Drone

    • Type: Toy drone;
    • Type: Quadcopter;
    • Camera available: No

    2 out of 5 points

    "... It is not controlled via a smartphone or tablet app, but its own control unit in which there is also space for the small helicopter ... But we were just as unable to test the specified range of 25 meters as the programmed maneuvers. With us, the tiny thing did not start vertically, but immediately lay on its side. ... "

  • LG 360 VR

    3.5 out of 5 points

    "... The glasses do not close with the face ... That disrupts the VR experience. Since there are no foam pads all around to establish a connection between the gadget and the face, the nose has to carry the majority of the weight. ... Both displays have a very high resolution of 960 x 720 pixels each ... The viewing angle is very limited at 80 °. ... "


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