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A journey through time through the tattoo trends of the last few years

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These are the most popular tattoos in recent years

We all know them, the sins of youth and unsightly souvenirs from the past few years, which once conquered the tattoo scene as trends. As quickly as a hype about tattoo motifs arises, it is over again quickly. As is well known, the tattoo remains and sometimes leaves behind embarrassing motifs that one would have preferred to think about three times back then. We show you our mainstream tattoo favorites from the last 30 years.

Let's start our round with the most famous and probably most despised of all tattoo trends: the ass antlers. Also known as the pelvic tribal or to put it very vulgarly: slut stamp. The phenomenon of the butt antlers also became popular in the 90s due to fashion. Women wore hipsters and crop tops, so that the tattoo on the tailbone came into its own. Today it is the figurehead for a youthful sin of that time and is probably a popular guest under the laser. The tribal was not just trendy with women, however. Numerous men also adorned their legs or arms with the striking shapes of a tribal tattoo.

Chinese characters were another popular motif in the 1990s. It's just stupid if the characters are in the wrong order, mirror-inverted or otherwise incorrectly engraved. Like the model pop star of the 90s, Britney Spears. From the actual plan to get “mysterious” as a Chinese character on the hip, the word “strange” became due to a lack of research.

The 21st century

Coming to the time when iPods, Paris Hilton and ringtones were all the rage on Viva. A lot has also developed in terms of tattoo trends during this time. Who can still remember star motifs and swallow tattoos? The so-called emo stars were probably the antlers of the 2000s and adorned the skin of every tattoo pendant from hips to wrist to neck. The swallow also enjoyed a high place on the popularity scale during this time. Whether in a couple or as a single bird, it symbolizes values ​​such as freedom and hope and is often found on parts of the body such as the hips or shoulders.

The so-called "Emo" stars

Swallows as a symbol of freedom


No question about it, tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Today almost every fifth German has a tattoo. So more space for more coveted mainstream tattoos from 2010 to today. What would our ranking be without the ever-popular infinity sign. Whether with words like Love or Faith, small hearts or a feather that is integrated into the symbol. Each of us knows the motif that happened every day a few years ago in the tattoo studios of that time. We don't need to say much about that either, the pictures speak for themselves.

We come to the next motif. I can only say one thing: This trend was not only worn on the skin, but also served as a wall tattoo in German living rooms. Well, does the doorbell ring ?! It's the good old dandelion that sprays its pollen in all directions. Gladly, too, when they turn into birds as if by magic and fly away.

But we still have one classic to end this funny round of the most beautiful mainstream tattoos. Three words that couldn't go together any more perfectly. Live Love Laugh. With this in mind, if you have one of the above tattoos, here is our tip: Live your tattoo passion, love your youthful sins and laugh about it every now and then.

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