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For Black Friday 2020, Aldi is advertising with an offer for a popular Apple product. Sometimes this leads to long queues and angry customers.

  • On Friday (November 27th, 2020) it will rain with the Black Friday2020 also in 2020 Offers and Discounts.
  • Aldi * is already giving an outlook on some of its Mega deals.
  • It stands out offer one Apple product especially out.

Update from Friday, November 27th, 2020, 11:33 a.m .: The Black Friday 2020 is now also at Aldi started. Since midnight on Friday (November 27th, 2020), customers have been able to use the bargain get hold of them online - if they could access the shop. In the UK, there were significant queues in the early hours of the morning.

Customers who have the deals and Discounts of Discounter giants wanted to watch, often had to wait for hours. A user on Twitter writes that she will spend an hour and ten minutes in the "Aldi Black Friday“Passed the queue to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner. "Mission accomplished. I will be so tired tomorrow. Adulthood hits you quickly, ”writes the young woman in conclusion.

Spent an hour and 10 minutes in the Aldi Black Friday queue for a Roomba robot hoover. Mission successful 😂 going to be so tired tomorrow! Adulthood comes at you fast pic.twitter.com/osplHN8qda

- Leila Jones (@ LeilaJones18) November 27, 2020

Not every customer of is doing so “well” Aldi. Another writes that he had waited in the queue to end up before the hour land empty (virtual) shelves to stand. “Don't waste your time in the queue!” He warns other users on Twitter.

Aldi lures on Black Friday 2020 with a cheap Apple product

First report from Monday, November 23rd, 2020, 3:49 p.m .: Kassel - Black Friday 2020 is at the door. Then you can go ahead Offered and bargain can hardly be saved. On November 27th, many online retailers will again be luring with numerous promotions. Also the discounter giant Aldi gets involved in the business and already reveals some in advance Mega deals.

But that is not all. Aldi north starts before the actual one Black Friday with its offers and announces exclusive online deals on the website. The "Black Shopping Week"Starts on Monday, November 23rd, 2020. Included is a Medion notebook (678.03 euros), a gaming PC (920.53) and a foosball table (173.63 euros). These deals is only available online, however. In addition, the discounter is advertising other bargains that will be available from November 26th and 27th, 2020.

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Black Friday 2020: Aldi advertises with many offers - and expects a big rush

In all likelihood it will Black Friday articles Only available in limited numbers on site. That reports "gigia.de". Both Aldi Nord * and Aldi Süd * are already expecting a huge crowd. They point out that the products in many markets will be sold out by the morning.

Aldi is already revealing some deals and offers for Black Friday 2020

In the current prospectus of Aldi On the last page we will reveal some deals that are only available on Black Friday gives. We'll give them away deals:

  • Apple AirPods 2019 (2nd generation) - Price: 107 euros (RRP: 179 euros)
  • Xiaomi fitness tracker - Price: 19.39 euros (RRP: 39.99 euros)
  • Tefal OptiGrill - Price: 87.29 euros (RRP: 229.99 euros)
  • Tefal Raclette Grill - Price: 58.19 euros (RRP: 124.99 euros)
  • Rowenta vacuum cleaner - price: 87.29 euros (RRP: 169.99 euros)

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Black Friday 2020: Real offers or just a discount trap?

But bargain hunters watch out: A discount is not just a discount. Consumer advice centers warn of legendary special offers, because dealers often advertise with the Recommended retail price (RRP). However, the market value of many products is well below the RRP. Consumers cannot always tell whether the Black Friday offers are really a bargain.

The bargain day has been criticized for years. "The Black Friday is a black day for the environment, "explains Viola Wohlgemuth, spokeswoman for Greenpeace, to Öko-Test *. Consumption destroys more and more resources and heats them up Climate crisis at. Consumers should be aware of this when working on Black Friday get hold of a supposed offer. Especially in times of corona the way to a business can support local providers and conserve resources. (Karolin Schaefer) * hna.de and wa.de are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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