Which is cheaper DMart or more supermarket

In the supermarket you not only get toilet paper, schnitzel and bananas - but also cheap cell phone tariffs. At Norma, Penny and Rewe there are, for example, prepaid tariffs in the excellent Telecom network. Particularly cheap: “Prepaid Smart” with all-network flat rate and 3 gigabytes of data volume for 7.79 euros every four weeks. This corresponds to around EUR 8.60 per month with 19 percent VAT.

What's brand new is that with the supermarket tariffs from Norma, Penny and Rewe, you don't just take with you Surf LTE, but also make phone calls can (Voice over LTE). Calls build up faster, the voice quality is better and the battery is saved. Kaufland, on the other hand, is still a bit behind when it comes to LTE calls. And watch out at Edeka: In our opinion, the tariffs there are too expensive.

Is the Vodafone network the best for you? Then come for you Lidl Connect in question, one of the cheapest deals. Lidl Connect has therefore been a financial tip recommendation for a long time. For example, we recommend the "Smart XS" tariff to occasional users * with 100 minutes / SMS and 1 gigabyte of data for around 5.40 euros a month - but without LTE telephony. [Correction: In an earlier version we wrote that the “Smart XS” tariff contained an all-network flat rate. This is wrong. We ask for apology.]

For the somewhat patchy cell phone network of O2 you will find the internet tends to have more cheap tariffs than in the supermarkets. Therefore, the offers from Aldi and Netto are not bad, but with our mobile phone tariff calculator you will probably find something cheaper in the O2 network.

By the way: You don't necessarily have to leave the house for the supermarket tariffs either. You can do the offers too on the website of the supermarket order and top up credit online.

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