What is the best alternative to phpBB


phpBB can be easily adapted to your own wishes and needs. phpBB extensions can add functions, change existing functions, from small optical changes to completely new sub-pages or functions.
In addition to extensions, you can also change the look of phpBB by using alternative styles.
If the large number of existing extensions is not enough for you, or if you want to make further changes, you can do this yourself: Our information for developers will help you.

phpBB Customization Database

In the official Customization Database on our English motherboard phpBB.com you will find various extensions and styles to customize your forum.
This includes a wide range of different extensions from small changes such as the display of the latest topics via portal pages to completely new functions such as calendars, download pages and more.
All entries in the database have been checked in detail by a team of experts, so that you can be sure that they work correctly in the specified phpBB version.

The database is divided into the following categories:


Styles, smiley packages, avatars and rank images


Converters help you to import the data from your old, non-phpBB forum system into a phpBB.

Official tools

Here you will find official tools from the phpBB team that will help you, for example, to fix errors.


Bridges help you to connect your phpBB to other software so that users don't have to log in multiple times (once in the forum and once in the CMS), for example.

Language packs

Here you can find all available language packs for phpBB.
Note: If you only need the German and English language package, we recommend our German complete package.

German language adjustments

Even if the database itself is only available in English, the extensions offered there can also be used in German forums. With some extensions, a German language package is supplied in addition to the English one. If a German language package is not supplied with an extension, you can search for translations in our Extension Translations forum.

I can't find what I'm looking for

If you can't find what you want in the official database, you can still search the extension forums and style forums. There developers present their new extensions and styles with German language packs and you have the opportunity to inquire about them. Please note, however, that no functional or safety check is carried out by a team of experts and the installation is therefore at your own risk.