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Learning reliability: 5 easy ways

I expect reliability. Most will probably be able to agree with this thesis. We want to be able to rely on family, our friends, but also on our colleagues at work, and we count on them to keep their promises. However, the high demands that are placed on others must also be applied to yourself. Or to put it another way: If you expect reliability in your environment, you should better do it yourself also be reliable. If you still have difficulties with this from time to time, you don't need to hang your head straight away. With these five simple ways, you can learn more reliability ...

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Reliability Definition: What exactly does reliable mean?

Which people you deal with regularly are reliable? Certainly, you will immediately think of some people: First, family and joy, with them absolutely no doubt their reliability. But there are also some very reliable specimens among the colleagues that you can count on in every situation.

But it becomes more difficult when it comes to the question of what distinguishes these reliable people. Many find it difficult to define the human quality in this way. Actually surprising, because at material things we know exactly what is meant by reliability: A car is reliable if it can do without repairs for years and a reliable household appliance will not let us down even after years.

As a definition, this can also be applied to the human character. Reliability means that expectations are met. You can trust that someone will keep their word, keep an appointment or come to the rescue if we can no longer get anywhere on our own. If these expectations, which are partly openly expressed and partly not directly named, are fulfilled, we perceive a person to be reliable.

Frequent Synonyms for reliability are therefore also loyalty, security and clarity, but also credibility and consistency.

Reliability: Just keeping your word is not enough!

Do you make a promise or two, keep them and everyone calls you reliable? In the short term this may even be true, but you should don't rest on itif you really want to be reliable.

Reliability is no permanent conditionthat you can work out once and then receive over months or years. You are or you are not - every time anew. Anyone who has stood by their word once can turn out to be unreliable the next time and only give off hot air.

You should therefore keep checking with yourself and with others whether the Reliability is actually still given is or whether something has changed in behavior.

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Reliability is very important

Almost every day we can notice in ourselves, but also in other people, which one The importance of reliability nowadays. As expected, that the train reliably brings us from A to B, cars are bought when they are particularly reliable and mostly it is the colleagues we can really rely on, who we consider to be competent and friendly at the same time on the job.

Superiors are also regularly enthusiastic about reliable employees, because they know exactly that an important task is being completed to the fullest satisfaction. But why is reliability so important? Three reasons are:

  • Reliability conveys a feeling of security

    Many people want to avoid risks as much as possible. Exactly this feeling conveys reliability. Regardless of whether you are a reliable person or, as in the example above, a reliable car: You know what you have and you feel safe.

  • Reliability creates trust

    Building trust is difficult, but it is much easier for reliable people. Anyone who has proven several times that you can rely on them one hundred percent quickly wins the trust of those around you, whereupon new friendships and contacts can be built.

  • Reliability reduces stress

    Submitting a task is easy. But afterwards not worrying about whether this will actually be done is something completely different. But if you can rely on your colleague, you don't have this bad feeling in the back of your head and can work on other things in a more relaxed manner.

5 easy ways to learn reliability

Do you feel like yours something always comes upwhen you try to keep your word? You wanted to relieve your colleague of a task, but suddenly the boss calls you to a meeting or you have promised to go shopping, but in the evening the refrigerator is empty again. If this sounds familiar to you, this can be yours five easy ways help to become more reliable. Because Reliability can be learned.

  1. Keep track of commitments

    Reliability does not mean wanting to do others a favor and simply saying "yes" to every request out of pure friendliness. The most common reason why promises cannot be kept is to misjudge the person own capacities and the time required. Do not say too quickly, but first think about whether you can actually do the job.

    It's an okay one too Offer compromise, for example that you are happy to take on a task, but cannot start until tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow.

  2. Always be honest

    Nothing is more unreliable than Lies and manipulation. So always stick to the truth if you don't want to ruin your reputation in the long run. You promised to call a customer and clarify important details, but forgot? Stand by it and don't pretend that you spoke to the customer on the mailbox.

    Sooner or later these things always come to light and then at the latest you get in Explanation need. Do not give your colleagues or the boss any reason to doubt your reliability.

  3. Communicate as early as possible

    If you have made an acceptance, the other person is sure to be waiting for one Feedback from you. So don't wait until the very last moment. For example, give a quick call and say that all tasks are done. This rule applies even more to bad news.

    If for understandable reasons you could not keep your word, communicate this immediately. This is the only way to give your counterpart the chance to become active yourself and prevent the worst damage.

  4. Respect the time

    An important aspect of reliability is punctuality. If you have made an appointment for a meeting or have agreed to finish a presentation by 1 p.m. on Wednesdays, then it's on Sign of respectto adhere to these times. If you don't do this, put yourself above your interlocutors and say indirectly: My time is more important than the time of others.

    Should something urgent in between come, the last point applies: let me know as soon as you can. This will prevent a colleague from waiting for you and wondering where you are staying for so long.

  5. Start what you started

    Perhaps the easiest way to more reliability: Let yourself do not distract and finish the tasks you started. A to-do list, for example, can help you, but also a schedule on which you can see by when a certain task should be completed.

    To be reliable is not always easy as it turns out Tasks regularly turn out to be more complicatedthan they were expected. Don't get caught up in excuses as to why you can't make it, but prove that you can be relied on even when difficulties arise.

Reliability Sayings: The Best Quotes

They can be thought-provoking, quoted at the right moment, or serve as knowledge in the back of your mind - we've taken a look at what famous people have said about reliability and the best Proverbs, quotes and aphorisms listed:

  • You have to be able to rely on something that you will not be left with.Laotse
  • A good person is more reliable than a stone bridge.Marc Aurel
  • The most reliable friends are the enemies of your enemies.Arabic proverb
  • As long as there is reliability, everything can be controlled.Lü Bu We
  • It is better to surround yourself with reliable enemies than with unreliable friends.John Steinbeck
  • If you can't count on anything anymore, you have to count on everything.Jules Renard
  • Those who promise lightly rarely keep their word.Laotse
  • Whoever relies on others is abandoned.German proverb

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