How can I sell a browser extension

Millions of times the scam: Browser extensions have sold user data

Millions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users are affected, and quite popular extensions for these browsers have collected and even sold user data. Basically, this is not a new scam, but it is always an annoying thing. Who can you trust if not a simple browser extension?

This affects extensions with a shockingly high number of users, such as “SpeakIt! with over 1.4 million users or “FaireShare Unlock” with over one million users. Mozilla and Google have reacted and thrown the extensions from their stores, but the first damage has been done.

You should delete the following extensions if they are installed in your browser:

Catastrophic data leak

Words about the "data leaks" are clear, as with "Security with Sam": "We present DataSpii (pronounced data-spy), the catastrophic data leakwhich occurs when one of eight browser extensions collects browser data - including personal data (PII) and company data (CI) - from ignorant Chrome and Firefox users. "

A service has been found that offers the user data on the network and that even in almost real time. At this point you want to stop reading because it's just so incredible: "Our research showed that an online service was selling the browsing activity data it collected to its subscribers in near real time."

Be skeptical, even when downloading browser extensions. Although one would actually expect more control from the app store providers.

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