What happened to the TAU spaceship project

Detonated nuclear weapons over the New Swabian region (P211) in Antarctica?


1 The Vril Project

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3 According to the current state of knowledge, the misrepresentations of a commercial swindle that spread an Isais depiction with short hair are particularly annoying, both for the authors of this work and for all those who are seriously committed to the non-commercial dissemination of this information. Also of immense importance is the fact that the Vril Society cannot be viewed as a National Socialist association; its political orientation was rather a monarchical one. 3

4 Did you know that the United States detonated nuclear weapons on, and on, the New Swabian region (P211) in Antarctica? This is all the more interesting because today's science is not conclusive to this day what the exact cause, e.g. of the ozone hole. Nothing has been made public about this fact. Obviously this should be hushed up, like the unsuccessful invasion attempt by the Americans in 1946 under Admiral Byrd. This Antarctic mission was declared a geological expedition, although a sizeable army with a whole fleet and aircraft carriers had to surrender after only a few days and a never-before-mentioned number of aircraft (figures say 6 to 13) lost. Admiral Byrd mentioned in his final report that they were dealing with airplanes that could fly from one pole to another. By the way, Admiral Byrd received psychiatric treatment afterwards. 4th

5 Vril symbolism The Pan-German Society for Metaphysics - internally also Vril Society - used a lightning-shaped structure as the most important symbol of their association. The own Vril standard showed this symbol in white on black and purple, with wide standing for silver. The lightning-shaped symbol symbolizes the flash of the divine light Ilu. 5

6 It can already be found on a spearhead of the Assyrian king Sargon II, who felt particularly fond of the goddess Ishtar and was guided by her. In the German Middle Ages the same symbol can be found in a special group of the Knights Templar Order. This was part of the secret science section of the order and was called in reference to the magical stone of the goddess Isais: The Lords of the Black Stone. The color combination black-silver-violet - the colors of the Isais - has its origin there, without any definition of meaning from that time. The Vril Society, for which the Isais myth was not of central importance, adopted symbols and colors and assigned a meaning to them: The violet color stands for the divine light (Ilu / Pralada) of the New Age. The black denotes the present age of darkness. The silver (white) lightning means that power which paves the way for the divine light of the new aeon through the darkness into the earthly this world. Between 1922 and 1945 that lightning bolt was called the Saetta Ilua in Vril circles - the Ilu lightning bolt (Staetta is the Italian word for lightning bolt; Italian terms were popular in Germany, especially after the Berlin-Rome axis was formed). The title of Isais-Blitz is not historically proven. Another symbol of the Vril Society, which was dominated by women, were women's heads with ponytails, an otherwise unusual hairstyle at the time, but which was worn by the predominantly young women of this association at internal meetings of the Vril Society. 6th

7 The meaning of this representation was an indication of the importance of the long hair of women, not least as a magical antenna (the Vril ladies do not have short hairstyles). When the spiritual community is transformed into the company Antriebstechnische Werkstätten o.h.g. in 1934 the Saetta Ilua also became the company logo. The unconventional aircraft of the series RFZ (round aircraft) and Vril as well as the basics of the Haunebu devices are said to have emerged from the work of this company. It is uncertain whether the sign of the black sun was used in a formal way within the framework of the Vril Society. This symbol was certainly known to the circle. Under the name Magical Sun, it was seen as the sluice of Ilu light between the hereafter and this world. 7th

8 Vril Spirit Myth - Legend a mysterious form of energy in esotericism, technology and therapy The Vril - Project Spiritual Background The unimaginable, unbelievable, incomprehensible of Thule's ideas and the teaching of Vril will become tangible here. It took courage to write these lines. This is not because political harassment is to be feared - none of this has much to do with direct politics - but because it is a very special kind of tightrope walk, a grip on the unbelievable, just fantastic-looking, but which is perhaps much more real than everyday life. And even if we cannot say with certainty, we do know that the people we are talking about believed in all of this, have never questioned it internally. And the uncanny power that triggers dream dreams in some and nightmares in others is possibly far more powerful than even the most daring premonitions suggest. Or is it all mere fantasy? - Perhaps even deliberate deception in order to cover up other things? - A voice deep within oneself is probably best able to give the answer. We just gathered what information we received. (Vienna, August 1992; 5892 after Sargon) 8

9 UFOs (unconventional flying objects) Like mysterious lights from the darkness of the unknown - this is how the UFOs appear to the outside audience. Some find sufficient arguments for themselves and their reassurance to banish all of this into the exaggerated imagination; the others dream of all kinds of possible and impossible extraterrestrial stories. Finally, those who have dealt realistically with this matter that the UFOs are neither fantasies nor extraterrestrial spaceships, but rather earthly aircraft whose country of origin seems to be Germany - more precisely: the former Greater German Reich, the so-called Third Reich. Those people who are a little knowledgeable mostly also know that these UFOs were based on thoughts and technical developments that were by no means military use, that it was rather the war that set the course in a (also) military direction - as it did the steamship did not first come out to sea as a battle cruiser, but served peaceful purposes. The war seizes all means, and so the new technology, the technology of the UFOs, also submitted to the requirements of the war, especially since the situation of Germany and its few allies made it necessary to use all means that were suitable for the destructive will of the enemy States to counter. 9

10 The final battle for the earth In these years we go with frenzied steps towards the final victory of light over darkness; The Aquarian Age, the 'New Golden Age' triumphs over the Piscean Age, the final phase of the dark Kali-Yuga, which will be discussed in many details afterwards. These are by no means just vague myths. Recent developments in particular prove it. The complete collapse of the East and the increasingly rapid heralding and advancing collapse of the West has become a tangible fact (who could have suspected this development a generation ago?). Almost nothing is left of the USSR - 10

11 and the US will also disintegrate within a few years; as is to be feared, amid terrible civil and racial wars. Gradually, but always in faster succession, the blood lines drawn by the Allies in 1918 and 1945 are falling. It comes as Pope John XXIII. Predicted: Those who won the (second world) war will lose it, and those who lost it will be the victors! The dark Old Testament Age of Pisces is irrevocably coming to an end. The light spirit of the Aquarian Age is approaching. What shaped the past two millennia of the Piscean Age will simply disappear. El Schaddai, Satan, will be banished to the den of his hell with all his followers. Then peace and justice will come to our world. The damage caused by the dark forces to create hell on earth will be repaired. The destruction of the environment will end and be healed, the multicultural societies will be unbundled, so that the countries and peoples of the earth will heal. There will no longer be minority egoisms and the striving for supremacy. And even Israelis and Palestinians will come to peace and harmony. The light will triumph over the darkness - everywhere. The ideas of the VRIL people are inextricably linked with this great battle of the gods for a new, better world. Battle of the Gods The dispute, which is also the story of the 'VRIL project, which is inextricably linked to this dispute, was a battle of the gods that is still going on. It is the battle between the ruler of the old Piscean age, the Hebrew god El Schaddai - Yahweh and his servants on the one hand, and the light deities of the new age, the Aquarian age, on the other, led by the goddess Ishtar - Ostara. The exoteric sign of the Vril society is not shown due to legal reasons. It showed a black swastika on a silver background in a purple wreath of oak leaves (black - silver purple: the colors of the Isais). Here the esoteric signet of the Vril Society, which has also played a role at DHvSS. 11

12 On the subject of Vril and Thule ... A great deal has been written about the Thule Society, right and wrong, benevolent and malicious. Less has been published about the Vril Society, and where it has been done, it is mostly from the perspective of an appendage of the Thule Society, which is, however, not entirely accurate. Most Thule - friendly authors have probably neglected the Vril component because it is sometimes all too fantastic. Many a person would not wish to bring the Thule Society, about which there are enough unusual things to report anyway, into the haze of further phantasms.- For this very reason, informed circles were largely silent about the Vril project. The opponents of the Thule, however, were not stingy with nonsense when it came to scolding the Thule people. One of the most well-known nonsense of this kind is the claim that the Thule people believed in the hidden superman with whom they wanted to achieve super-breed breeding. This nonsense can be traced back to the fact that the Thule ideas - the idea that every human being carries the superman - were understood as the better self within themselves and must therefore cultivate this better self within themselves. That is of course something completely different. It is certainly true, however, that all sorts of myths and occult doctrines were at least recorded, analyzed and worked on within the Thule Society - which does not mean, however, that all of these belonged to the belief and teaching of Thule! Ms. Hahn-Blavatzky's secret reading or the hollow world theory, for example, were never part of the Thule world of belief. The Aryan cult was also not represented in that simple-minded way as was often claimed later (for example, the Semitic Arabs and their culture were highly respected by the Thule people, which continues to the present day). One of the most important doctrines that had a strong influence on the Thule Society, on the other hand, was the Ario-European religious reconstruction (Wihinei) by the philosopher Guido von List, whose close relationship to the Ilu doctrine cannot be overlooked. Another important teaching was the world ice theory of Hans Hörbiger (Glacial - Cosmology). In addition, in Thule, and probably especially in Rudolf von Sebottendorff's case, there was a tendency towards an anti-Old Testament primitive Christianity (Marcionitertum). The most essential difference in ideas between Thule and Vril was probably that in Thule society a comparatively wide range of basic knowledge coexisted. This was 12

13 certainly in the conscious concept of creating a basic doctrine that was acceptable to as many people as possible, the common cornerstones of which were fixed, but should exclude a religious or ideological restriction from the outset - while the Vril society was rather closely linked to the teachings of the ISAIS revelation should be. For example, the Thule people recognized Hans Hörbiger's theory of ice on the world as a natural historical implementation of the great struggle between light and darkness. For their part, the Vril people largely adhered to the revelation texts and did not look for modern confirmation. However, it cannot be the task of this book to go into these details and particularities in detail - just as technological details are not to be discussed here either. We are concerned here with the great visionary ideas and undertakings that culminated in the Vril project. Vril - Spirit There is no death, the crossing of the border between life and death, this world and the hereafter, represents a basically problem-free path; there is no forgetting of the ego, the tasks of life are practically continued over there seamlessly. Any fear of dying is therefore completely nonsensical, Eternal Life - Eternal Duty - is natural truth. He was an atheist, announced the young boy with whom I walked through Bad Liebenstein on a sunny spring day. He doesn't need god or gods, he told me. Everything can be explained by modern natural science. So he spoke to me, poor drip. The power of life, I asked him, did he not want to interpret its origin for me, since he knew so much? The answer was a long time coming, so I gave it to him: Little blue flowers were blooming on a park meadow. Then I pointed, said to the boy: There you see the divinity at work, you see the mystery of life. No scholar will explain it to you. The knowledge alone, the certainty of belief, about the highest power, which does not need a cause for itself, offers understanding: Eternal deity '- You are not allowed to think of the deity biblically, no, you are not allowed to do that! The Godhead is different from what the Bible teaches, this dark, evil book! That is the deity: there is light in the light, there is eternal in the light - and yet also everywhere! The Teutons once, our ancestors, knew it well. We have to learn again. If you want to know the deity, look at life. And you understand immortality. For the deity is near! We carry the eternal power of life within us as part of it. And after earthly death you too will see: There is no death! Rudolf von Sebottendorff 13

14 Visions of Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff This man, Rudolf von Sebottendorff, about whose background there are many secrets, was perhaps the person who set the course for a new millennium - much more than any other well-known personality. At some point, historiography will know how to portray this correctly. It is not that far yet, and it would probably not be in the spirit of this man, for whom personal modesty was considered a high ideal. The two most important of Sebottendorff's written works have remained as good as unknown: The inter-cosmic world struggle (1919) and Voranfang (1921); his, so to speak, exoteric book Before Hitler came (1933) was published in a larger edition, but never in the complete, unchanged wording. Sebottendorff, the father of the Third Reich, was uneasy about the forces that had come to power in this Reich, many of his ideas - and thus the original visions of the Third Reich - were not party-conforming, and in many ways he had hoped for other developments for Germany, Europe and the world . The manuscripts of his main works are now in the private possession of a German-friendly family in the USA. The time may not have been ripe for it to be widely publicized. The cornerstones of the New Age were the first to be correctly recognized by Sebottendorff; he was, as it were, the first to understand and evaluate the great interrelationships that spanned thousands of years. These cornerstones were and are: The great battle of the powers of darkness against light, which took place in XX. Century of our era brought its climax and will lead to the final victory of the divine light: At the rise of the Aquarian age. Furthermore the knowledge about the eternal truth, about the beginning, the beginning, the way, the meaning and the end goal of the existence of this world. It is at the same time the knowledge that there is no death, that the birth on earth rather means a kind of awakening after a sleep of oblivion, in which we all - formerly otherworldly beings (angels) - go through this earthly life to deal with the earthly death to cross the threshold behind which the true world and all of us actually true life begin - begin again: Eternal life. - This does not mean the idea of ​​reincarnation (Re - in - Carno does not exist), but the knowledge of true rebirth in the worlds of the hereafter, from which the way home to the once abandoned realm of eternal light takes place. Associated with this was the knowledge of the reality of the hereafter, the otherworldly spheres and worlds, which are basically much more real than our cosmos on this side, which resembles a temporarily useful provisional arrangement. But if one knows that there is no death and that this world on this side is merely a means to an end to regain a once lost ability to be in the hereafter - and if one knows the entire paracosmology - then the struggle on earth and for earth becomes understandable at once. .. (We will speak about this later.) Sebottendorff knew: There is a real - existing dark power - the devil, Satan and his followers - whose aim is to destroy our divinely created earth world in such a way that it fulfills its divine destiny can no longer fulfill; namely to be a transit station for people on their way home to the worlds of eternal light. This dark power was revealed in the so-called Old Testament of the Bible as God through Moses and other mediums of dark spiritual vibrations, beginning with the words of Yahweh to Abraham: Ani ha El Schaddai = I am EI Schaddai - the rejected El - the Satan. (see Genesis 17: 1). With this knowledge, the fronts were clear for Sebottendorff: The Schaddai. the Old Testament "god" is the corrupter, the adversary of God. His followers therefore serve the destruction of the earth, nature - people. - But El Schaddai will be defeated by divine power and by those who serve the true divine power! - On his travels through the Orient, Sebottendorff must have found old writings - or perhaps only oral reports - which proclaim ancient knowledge. So he knew about the falsification of the gospel of Christ and that this in truth had nothing to do with the so-called Old Testament 14

15 of the Bible, apart from the fact that Jesus Christ had rejected this as the Hebrew scriptures and the worst darkness and wickedness, that Jesus of Nazareth had been opposed by the Jews as blasphemers because he was their God, the El Schaddai - Yahweh, as the devil and unmasked (Joh, 8, '4fl 3. And Sebottendorff had learned that there was a secret community of heirs of the Knights Templar, in whose archives clear traces of this truth must be found. In the Orient Sebottendorff also found remains of Persian and All Babylonian references to details about that millennium struggle, which he was to call the Great Intercosmic World Warfare. (More on this later too.) Below is a short excerpt from the prophecy of the Third Sargon, taken from the book of the Babylonian seer and priestess Sajaha (ca.650 BC). chr.): The sun darkens its light from Chaldea to the base of the Midnight Mountain. But people do not notice it, from the Sc they are blinded by falsehood, by the reflection of stolen gold. Many good-natured fall, many malicious ones rise in their place. Schaddein's gruesome breath perverts most people's thoughts. What is pure will go down, what is impure will rise. What was below will be above; good and bad swap places. People will be drunk. The world will be ruled by madness .... towards the land of the north. The liberator rises from its battered earth, the avenger: The Third Sargon! And then from the north as from the south the lonely righteous will rise and be mighty and like a storm kindle the fire and carry it forward, everything burns badly everywhere, yes, everywhere. So the savior of the world, who is called the Third Sargon here, comes from the north. Sargon I.was the founder of the Babylonian empire, a legendary figure similar to the emperor Barbarossas for the Germans. Sargon II had come as a renewer of the empire - but in the Third Sargon the mystical hero and savior from all evil was expected. Sebottendorff tracked down the reference to the north: The Third Sargon was supposed to come from the north, literally: from midnight, an oriental term for the high Germanic north (polar night). Sebottendorff was soon to come across indications that Jesus Christ had spoken to Germanic legionaries and promised them that their people would win and shape the kingdom of God ... This now seemed to explain the original contradiction between the God Yahweh and the Old Testament sendlings and the people appointed by the true God and Jesus Christ on the other hand rule. It certainly took years until the ends of the most important threads of knowledge were in Sebottendorff's hands. Now he just had to go to the bottom of it one by one. - And he would set the course that had to be set - on the direct commission of the Godhead - so that what was prophesied could come true: The birth of the New Golden Age! - The Germans had to do it, they who are divinely destined and called to do it, they had to build the new empire - not just for themselves, but for the whole world! - 15

16 Sebottendorff was well aware that this would be a path full of martyrs' graves. But he also knew: there is no death, the martyrs prepare the way into the true world of eternal light ... - The beginnings Probably in August 1917, four men and a woman met in the Viennese Café Schopenhauer to decide the course for them To face the future of humanity. It was the German adventurers and esotericists Karl Haushofer and Rudolf von Sebottendorff, the medium Maria Orschitsch from Zagreb. the young engineer and pilot Lothar Waiz and the prelate Gernot from the secret community of heirs of the Knights Templar (Societas Templi Marcioni). The meeting between the four young people and the old Templar prelate is said to have come about through the mediation of a Viennese spiritualist and magician. but about which there is no certainty. The four secret revelation texts from the hidden Templar archive were hoping for the old man, as well as a recommendation to the strange brotherhood of the Lords of the Black Stone. Your spokesman was undoubtedly Rudolf von Sebottendorff, and we can probably reconstruct roughly what he may have said to the Templar prelate to prove his and his friends' competence: How our solar year is divided into twelve months according to the twelve lunar orbits is - thus, as it were, the twelve zodiac circles of astrology - the orbit around the great central sun of our Milky Way is also divided into twelve animal or tyrian segments; which, in conjunction with precession, the conical proper motion of the earth due to the inclination of the axis, determines the different world ages. Such a cosmic month lasts for about 2155 years, the cosmic year for about years. Now we are at the end of the Piscean Age and at the beginning of the Aquarian Age - the New Golden Age, in which the Millennial Kingdom of Peace will also come, which is spoken of in the twentieth chapter of Revelation to John. It is not just an ordinary change of age, but the end of a cosmic year and the beginning of a completely new one. We have completed the roughly year-long precession and thereby change from the darkest age, the Pisces age, to the age of highest radiation, the Aquarian age. The Kali - Yuga, the age of sin according to the Indo - Aryan definition, ends at the same time as the Piscean Age. Due to the joint effect of precession and elliptical circular orbit around the great central sun, a completely different divine cosmic radiation and a dramatic overturning of the conditions on earth is imminent. This is especially because the great central sun - the black sun of ancient myths - is to be regarded as the source of power of the deity on this side, whose clarifying light will soon exert its influence undisturbed. All changes of age have led to political, religious and social upheavals on a large scale. This will be even more the case with the upcoming change of age into a new cosmic year. Everything that is not suitable for the new, light age will perish. A completely new order will take hold all over the world. We are now in the final stage of the final battle in the great intercosmic world battle. The forces of darkness rear up once more to lash out wildly. We must confront them just as consistently and with the weapons of light. From ancient Mesopotamian wisdom we know about the otherworldly-this-sided movement of Marduk's steps of 28 years each, or 56 years for each double step. The transformation phase from the old to the new age lasts three double steps from Marduk - i.e. 168 years - whereby the first impingement of the Ilu ray, the direct hitting of the alpha ray of divine light, is to be expected in the center of this phase. Thanks to the knowledge of revelation and careful calculations, the first impact of the alpha ray, and thus the actual beginning of the New Age, could be determined fairly precisely

17 Event will occur on February 3rd / 4th or 4th / 5th of February 1962, around midnight. With this we know the temporal center of the 168-year transformation phase and at the same time can foresee particularly important events in connection with the intercosmic world struggle for the New Age in the years 1934 and 1990, which results from the three 56-year stages already mentioned. On February 3rd / 4th, or on February 4th / 5th, 1962, the alpha ray is directed through the predicted planetary constellation. Although such details were certainly not a special field of knowledge for Prelate Gernot, he should have been impressed. The conversation will now have touched on the various New Age predictions and related issues; the Indian myth of Kalk Avatar, the Untersberg legend, the White Duke and the Third Sargon. In particular, this conversation will have been conducted around the background of a passage from the so-called New Testament of the Bible: the passage from Matthew 21:43. For there Christ said to the Jews: The kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to another people who will produce the expected fruits. The complete original text, which is in the archives of the Societas Templi Marcioni, speaks much more clearly. But above all: This word of Christ implies that Christ says quite specifically which other people is meant. For he speaks to Teutons who serve in a Roman legion and tells them that it will be their people whom he has chosen. Christ himself had thus proclaimed the new kingdom to the Germanic, German, people and entrusted them with the creation of the kingdom of light on earth! That was probably above all what Sebottendorff and his friends had definitely wanted to know. Furthermore, the Templar revelations have certainly been spoken of. Especially probably about the First Templar Revelation (also Roderich report) from the year 1236, in which the knighthood is instructed to build the new northern capital of the coming empire - with exact location information. And it actually came about: Tempelhof - Berlin! This meeting must have been very pleasant and successful. Because Sebottendorff actually receives the contact to the secret commandery of the gentlemen from the black stone and a personal letter of recommendation. This secret commandery DHvSS is not too far, between Salzburg and Berchtesgaden. Sebottendorff will be on his way there in the next few days. 17th

18 Despite all falsifications and distortions, traces of early Christian truth ... One of these clear traces in the so-called New Testament of the Bible can be found in the Gospel of John, Chapter 8. Here it becomes very clear that Jesus Christ did not come as the son of the Hebrew god Yahweh , but just fought this one as the devil! That was the real reason he was crucified by the Jews as a blasphemer. (Here is the literal NT translation, especially John 8, 44!) Don't you understand my speech? Because not you can hear word - mine. You are of the father, the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks from his own account. Because he is a liar he is and - your father (= of the lie) but I, because I tell the truth, you do not believe me. Which of you convicts me of a sin? If I speak the truth, why don't you believe me? The being from - God hears the words - of God; therefore you do not hear, because from - God not, you are. The Jews answered and said to him: It is not right that we say that you are a Samaritan. Original - Gospel of Matthew (fragment No. 1) (Probably part of the Sermon on the Mount) At intervals of millennia I have sent true prophets individually to the different peoples of the earth and many centuries will pass before I will send such a prophet back to earth - namely to a people who initially reject it, but then - despite some resistance from the servants of the Hebrew God and the spirit of the Hebrew scriptures - will understand and accept it; and so it will bear good fruit. At that time, many people of that people will recognize by themselves, even during the ripening of the events of that time, have recognized that the action of everyone for everyone and everyone for everyone, only out of pure humanity, from the living feeling of belonging together in the filiation of God exercised for the community, holds an infinitely nobler disposition within itself, as if it were exercised out of fear of punishment and vengeance from God or out of calculation for reward. At that time many people of that people will have already recognized on their own that the Hebrew God and the spirit of the Hebrew scriptures are a terrifying image of hell. And they will reject this horror picture and work actively to serve the eternal truth without having yet recognized THAT who alone is the eternal truth. But they will finally recognize him too - in me! And they will find rest in my peace, even if the sinister malice of other peoples will envy them for the sake of their peace and try to disturb it.For the people will become mighty over all those who hate them and stand against them on earth with the hatred of the Hebrew God and his worshipers. 18th

19 Soon, however, many of the other peoples will also recognize that they want to serve Satan with their hatred and that they want to build hell on earth in his spirit and according to his desires - which will then also bring others to knowledge and good fruit advance for everyone. It is these of whose fruitful people I have spoken and which I mean. And Christ, the Lord, raised his arm and pointed to a small group of quietly listening legionaries who were from the Germanic people. See also N.T., Mat. - 21, 43 The stone that the builders rejected, it has become the cornerstone; did the Lord do it, did this miracle happen before our eyes? 19th

20 And whoever falls on this stone will be broken in pieces: but on whomever the stone falls, it will crush him. That is why I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce the expected fruits. The great intercosmic world struggle It is a millennia old myth: The great intercosmic world struggle rages through the period of about six thousand years to overcome the dark age, which the Indians call the Kali - Yuga. The Pisces Age forms the climax and the end of the dark age. The water jug ​​age (Aquarian age) will bring the final victory of light over the powers of darkness. This world struggle is intercosmic because it is carried out simultaneously in this world and in the hereafter (in the cosmos on the other side), both on this earth world and between the worlds of the hereafter. In order to make everything below understandable, at this point first the paracosmology and cosmology, which must be taken as a basis. It is the Akkadian - Old Babylonian ILU - doctrine, which similarly prevailed in the earliest times of Christianity, before it was Judaized. The Ilu doctrine according to the revelation Ilu-Ishtar (In clear keywords) 1. In the preliminary beginning, before the earth, the cosmos and all things existed, there were only the forces ILU, the spiritual forces of the male and the female. 2. When these collided, an infinite - finite number of sparks sprayed from them, and the brightest of these seeds - sparks became IL, the super god (Il-Anu / Allfater / 0din). 3. With and next to Il-Anu were all seeds of beings and things in timeless eternity and spaceless infinity. 4. Il-Anu first created mummu, that is: time and space. 5. Then Il-Anu created the worlds of eternal light, the kingdom of God. 6. He put all the seeds into his kingdom and gave life to them. Before, the seeds of beings consisted only of shell (soul) and core (nature). Now it had become the eternal trinity of spirit - soul - life. 7. In the bright worlds of the kingdom of God life unfolded: plant-like, animal-like and human. The human beings were Igigi and EI (angel and great angel). 8. One of the El left the light realm with some followers in order to create a counter-realm: the pool of darkness - hell. This apostate great angel had thus become Schaddain, the rejected one - Satan (he is identical with the Old Testament god El Schaddai - Yahweh). 9. Many of the angels left the kingdom of God to follow Satan, who claimed that his hell world was much more beautiful than the kingdom of Il-Anu, and that he, the EI Shaddai, should be worshiped as the only god. 10. On the way to hell, however, the undressed angels fell into the impotence of oblivion because they had lost the vibration through which their heavenly body existed. 20th

21 11. Il-Anu created a new cosmos: our cosmos with the earth, so that a type of vibration is present that enables the lost to reincarnate. 12. For this purpose, Il-Anu created a ladder of other worlds, which enables the fallen angels, who now go through earthly life as human beings, to return home to the kingdom of God after their earthly death. 13. Since then, however, the inter-cosmic struggle between the powers of light and the powers of darkness, between Il-Anu and the Shaddain ... This ILU DOCTRINE can be found, at least as a hidden trace, in all religions. And also the intercosmic world struggle runs like a red thread through the doctrines of humanity. Most of the time the original truth of the Ilu doctrine is twisted or just passed on in a stunted state - especially in the Bible, where Satan was made God (hence the saying of Christ in the Gospel John 8:44: You have the devil as your father!) But the original truth was never completely lost. They kept secret orders through all time and at great sacrifice. The story of the VRIL people and their spirit friends is thus also the story of the reawakening of the divine original truth. The great intercosmic world struggle was consciously taken up here; the fight for the light of God and against the darkness of Schaddain. The goddess Ishtar / Ostara, to whom the revelation of the Ilu - Ishtar goes back. Here in the seal of the Panbabylonian Order Section, based on the seal of Esagila in ancient Babylon. With the Herren vom Schwarzen Stein In the late September days of 1917, Sebottendorff crossed the Austrian - Bavarian border. The place he visits is now called Marktschellenberg. Here, on Ettenberg, right at the foot of the legendary Untersberg, Sebottendorff meets members of the secret society of the Lords of the Black Stone. There aren't many secret societies that really deserve this title. The gentlemen from the Black Stone, however, are a secret society to which the name applies. This order - DHvSS for short - has kept secrecy for centuries, and what we know about the order today is nothing more than a hint of what may really be. The Bavarian - Austrian Templars splitting off the Lords from the Black Stone has a strange history; and there may be even stranger things about this society, of which we have no idea. So here's what we know: 21

22 The Lords of the Black Stone The founding of this offshoot of the Marcionite Templar Society goes back to the year 1221, it took place in southern Germany and remained a more or less secret association. In later papers of the community of heirs of the Knights Templar (Societas Templi Marcioni), The Lords of the Black Stone1 are listed as a secret science section with only a few hundred members. The highest order leadership of the Middle Ages did not recognize this offshoot of the order as conforming to the order, but ignored it with tacit tolerance. One was content with a few admonitions not to sink into dark paganism. The significance of the gentlemen from the Black Stone was - at least outwardly - minor. The focus was on Bavaria and Eastern Austria. There was a following in Scandinavia, Alsace, northern France, Ireland, England, Scotland and Venice. However, there can be no question of a tightly organized network. The Lords of the Black Stone were from the beginning a community of loners - both Templars and outsiders; Formally they belonged to the order of the Knights Templar, but they did not obey any non-military instructions. 22

The Bavarian Templar Commander Hubertus Koch was the founder and leader of the Lords of the Black Stone. There are many legends about his person. It is probably true that he was born during a crusade in the Orient. But his life before 1218 is in the dark and legends and theories are not to be written down here that do not belong directly to the matter. What is certain is that Koch was roughly what one calls a charismatic figure, that he was highly educated and a man of strong willpower, perhaps also gifted with media. Speer Siegel In the secret book of orders, Koch laid down those phases of his life in poetic form that seemed important to him. There we learn about his search for the Grail and the realization that something completely different is important to look for and find, we read about the Holy Spear and the magical black stone, which ultimately gave the community its name. (This black stone is a counterpart to the black sun, the 'great central sun' of the Milky Way, and means materialized ultraviolet). This is an extensive dramatic work in verse that cannot leave any reader unimpressed. 23

24 We, The Lords of the Black Stone (Part One) 1 From the surging waves of the raging surf, recovered from the crunchy base of the island, torn from the sea's fury with boldness - this is how the mighty stone wants to be won. 2 Polished black gloss, not by human hands, once lost from faraway grasslands, brought to life by Isai's breath, is the precious stone that lets in grassland. 3 He who has won it is master of his power; he who serves his strength is served by the spirits. The black stone works miracles, its brilliance makes masters. 24

25 4 Today we praise ourselves to be the masters, we, the lords of the black stone! 5 For we have won the stone from the raging depths of the sea. Found according to the instructions of otherworldly voices, through researching and digging for the word of the dead that spoke to us. We have broken the spell of mortals. 6 So we have become and will always be the immortal masters of the black stone. 7 Where generations pass, where times pass, where the worlds of the hereafter devour others who died on earth - we will wander on invisibly there. 8 Obedience to the mistress, Jesse's sister, who guides us from the vastness of the grassland, we walk through the passing times, to seek, to find, to seize the spear, to the lost defense of mistress Jesse. 9 Isais' palace, on the shores of Greenland, became a secret, sheltering place for us. We go in there, we go out there, so we walk between the worlds. The laws of the earthly never apply to us. 10 The brothers of Jesse will never die, nothing can spoil them, they will always be invulnerable - we, the lords of the black stone. These verses lead to the center of what moved The Lords of the Black Stone: The superiority of evil on earth, the knowledge that God is not omnipotent - and the will. to intervene effectively in the great battle between light and darkness. But that was just impossible with conventional means. It required completely different paths.One had to meet the enemy, Satan and his devil and their earthly servants, in his own darkness! If such thoughts could be grasped, it was solely on the basis of fragments of old Mesopotamian traditions that had been acquired through commercial transactions with Hasan ibn Sabbah. These fragments of cuneiform scripts, which had already been translated into Persian, Arabic, and Greek, formed the basis of everything that followed. It was the story of ISAIS 'journey into hell on behalf of the Ishtar. It was now taught what one had to do in order to conquer the powers of hell: one had to fight them in the realms of the hereafter - and possibly in hell itself! The decisive point for everything that was to come was certainly the ISAIS REVELATION, which was, so to speak, personally brought by the Isais; The ISAIS, the goddess of Untersberg - shown here in her characteristic boy costume - is said to have crept into the pool of darkness, the hell of Schaddain, around the magical black, on behalf of the goddess of light Ishtara (Ishtar / Ostara) -Return the purple stone that the devil had stolen from Valhalla ... 25

26 Isais Sebottendorff was at Ettenberg to preserve the power of the black-violet stone. He knew that the final battle between the world age powers, the battle between the darkness of the infra red fish age and the ultraviolet age of Aquarius, would be fought and decided in this century. He knew the divine revelations to the German people, he knew that the black stone for the fulfillment of these revelations was here at the foot of the Untersberg. And he suspected that the Lords of the Black Stone must have other options at their disposal, which were important for the final battle for the earth. Here Sebottendorff found out that the intercosmic world struggle was being carried out especially in the spheres of the hereafter, in the Green Land, as the old Akkadians had called that general vibration level of the hereafter. Sebottendorff learned to understand what hero and martyr thinking was all about: Those who fell on earth in the fight against darkness join the great army on the other side! And that was the meaning behind the meaning of the legend of Wotan's daring army in the Untersberg ..! We do not know exactly what was discussed and possibly agreed between Sebottendorff and the gentlemen from the Black Stone. In any case, secrets of great importance must have been revealed that we cannot even speculate about. Seals and traced symbols of the secret order. 26

27 Hearing the call of the gods. Isaia-Echo From towering mountains and from the surging seas Ishtara and Wodin, Isais and Malok. You wait for your homecoming behind the stars. After wandering through the earth the light shines on you. Greet those who have gone before you; the divinity smiles at you. Wodin's word from Malok's mouth (From the order book of the Lords of the Black Stone.) 1. I speak from the valleys, the deep ones, the gentle ones - they lie behind the stars, their light is evergreen. I shout over the mountains, over the steep ones - they tower up behind the stars, their shimmer is evergreen. I come from the seas, the undulating wide - their waves roll behind the stars, they sway evergreen there. 2. Truth I announce. Easy to hear, difficult to grasp. The riddle is cleared from the mists of grassland: 3. You have to walk through your own body, as you wander through earthly life. You have to look through your own gaze, listen to your own call - he knows no words - devise your own meaning that guides you. 4. You must look up from the earthly kingdom, understand longing, seek homesickness, wish to return. You should contemplate the stars in the sky - wish for expanse, hope for distance. The gate opens behind the stars. You must see the gate, find the way to it. Far away is the gate alone in time; far is the way to the unwise only. 5. The tension belts that connect you to the earth, the oppressive ones, do not force you. Illusion alone is what fear arouses you. 6. You should be strong, fearless and happy. Siegesheil is the name of the gate that opens behind the gate at the end of the second path. Behind the stars, behind the embankment of the sky, behind measurable time, you see grasslands, mountains, valleys, clouds and waves. 7. You must also roam these realms for a long time. A high arch made of light crystal then protrudes at the end of the Grünland hiking trail. 27

28 8. Walk through the arch, its splendor shines. Then turn around, look back over the paths, through arches, gates and gates: you will stand behind the stars - unchangeable - and see the world appearing on the earth. 9. From Wodin's gardens you look there, from the home of the truthful. What do you want to act? It is now up to you! The beginning and the end are forged to the eternal ring; there is neither one nor the other. Black stone and black sun It was probably the magical black - violet stone that interested Sebottendorff, the stone that, due to the affinity of vibrations, forms the alpha ray of the New Age, the main light of the black sun. could and should attract to himself. Incidentally, Sebottendorff probably did not know too much about The Lords of the Black Stone when he met with their Commander on the recommendation of Prelate Gernot. But this time he will have assumed extensive knowledge of his interlocutors. So he will be headed straight for the goal that moved him: The Great Central Sun, the Black Sun, and the development towards the Age of Aquarius. The black sun is God's source of power in this world (IL - anus). It is invisible to the human eye (or today's telescopes are too weak to see it). The constant ILU oscillation, i.e. the pure oscillation of the divine light, which emanates from the black sun, the great central sun of our Milky Way system, has 75 trillion oscillation units per second. That corresponds to ultraviolet. This full ILU vibration will reach the earth when the New Age is complete, it will bring about a new Golden Age and sweep away the weak 15 trillion vibrations per second, the infrared of the Piscean Age. We have to interfere here that the German myth of the black, ultraviolet, stone on the side of the Allies was opposed to the Redstone Project: The red stone of the old fish age! Modern representation of the Ishtar - Ostara above the Baphomet. 28

29 The way to Thule In the following two years a circle was formed around Sebottendorff, which was bundled into the Thule Society via the Germanen Order. Rudolf Hess is already active here, but so is Alfred Rosenberg. Lesser known names of the early Thule Society were: Trebitsch - Lincoln, Countess Westrap or the publisher Lehmann. Erich Koch and Heinrich Himmler are also likely to have at least already been in contact with the Thule Society. One of the most important names, however, was Dr. WHERE. Schumann; we shall have to report on him in particular. In 1919 the Thule Society, which until then had been mainly intellectually interested, got caught up in the maelstrom of political events. During the defensive struggles against the Marxist council regime in Munich, Thule people took the lead in the resistance. The Freikorps Oberland also emerged from a Thule initiative. The course was then set for current politics. A separate branch was created for spiritual-esoteric matters: The VRIL - Society, where Dr. Schumann was soon to play a decisive role. 1: The exoteric signet of the Thule society 2: The esoteric signet of the Thule society This symbol of the double Eh rune symbolizes the interaction of the two Ur-Ilu forces of male and female in the black sun. The Baphomet symbol the Knights Templar represented an encoding of the same motif. 29

30 The super deity ILU (the 'omnipotence') is male and female at the same time. In contrast, the Mosaic teachings of the dark ages (Judaism, pseudo-Christianity, Islam) are hostile to femininity because the El Schaddai - Yahweh is only male. Despite all the falsification of the original, true Christianity, the symbolism that woman (here Mary) defeats the snake (Satan) has been preserved. This corresponds to an encrypted memory of the imminent victory of the goddess Ishtar - Ostara over El Schaddai - Yahweh. 30th

31 Vril - Like God ... While the Thule Society more and more co-determined the political path of the coming Third Reich, the increasingly independent branch of Vril Society went other ways. VRIL, which is derived from the Akkadian VriI - IL like the highest deity, means roughly as much as: godlike. And that is the core of the concern, probably also to fathom the divinity and with godlike, that means: godly, means to shape a new world in a new age. The Vril philosophy or Vril theology (to speak of an ideology would be wrong) differed from the Thule and NS ideology in many ways. The difference can be reduced to a simple denominator: The Vril Society was essentially otherworldly oriented. But there were still numerous points of contact between the Vril and Thule societies. Both tried to find the secrets of the distant past: Atlantis, Thule, the island of the blessed of Gilgamesh - they recognized their remains in the rocks of Heligoland. Then the original connection between Germania and Mesopotamia. But also old sanctuaries such as the Externsteine ​​or Stronegg's local mountain were topics of joint research. Hans Hörbiger's world ice theory was soon added. In short: It became a gathering point for unconventional ideas and views of the most varied of kinds. And so it really doesn't come as a surprise when one of the most fantastic ideas that people have ever thought finds fertile ground in this group: Dr. Schumann's idea of ​​a machine in the hereafter ... The Other Science It was Schumann and the Vril people - at that time still directly associated with the Thule Society - who considered building a device that they called the machine in the hereafter. It should be a machine for the transmutation of this world matter into the afterlife matter and back again. In short: a machine for overcoming space and time, between life and death; a machine with which one should be able to visit the worlds of the gods in order to gain CERTAINTY ABOUT THE ETERNAL TRUTH.If Sebottendorff had thought about the Mani SoIa and with the help of the Holy Spear (Marduks / Odins) looked for the way into the hereafter, the technician Dr. Schumann to approach things with technical means. In December 1919, the inner circle of the Thule and Vril Society met in an old forester's house rented for this purpose in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden. One of the main characters of this meeting was the medium Maria Orschitsch (Or ^ s; ic ') from Zagreb. She had brought two piles of written papers with her. The sheets of one pile showed the seemingly bizarre German Templar secret script, the other the transfers in plain-readable script. The content of these sheets was entered and dictated in a medial way - in temple script and in a language completely unknown to the medium. Maria Orschitsch, however, thought that it had to be an ancient oriental language, and therefore had established contact with the Panbabylonist Circle of Friends (founded by Friedrich Delitzsch, Hugo Winckler, Peter Jensen and others), which was close to the Thule Circle. It turned out that the seemingly mysterious language was actually Sumerian, the language of the ancient Babylonian founders of culture. It is not known what the exact content of the Sumerian-language texts was. But there is still a rumor that it was - among other things - technical instructions from the afterlife, more or less the recipe for building the afterlife machine - and thus the basis of all UFO technology. In any case, the concept of another science matured during this period and the following years (nowadays one would speak of alternative science). But it took over three 31

32 years until the afterlife machine project took on tangible form. That was probably also a question of the financing difficulties. In this early phase of the other science and technology, Dr. Schumann at the TH - Munich gave a lecture from which a few sentences are to be reproduced here: We know two principles in everything and everyone which determine the things that happen: light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction - as we do with the Know electricity plus and minus. It always means: either - or! These two principles - specifically called the creating and the destructive - also determine our technical means ... Everything that destroys is of satanic origin - everything that builds up is of divine origin ... Any technology based on the principle of explosion or combustion can therefore be called satanic Technology - The upcoming new age will be an age of new, positive godly technology! The Beyond Flying Machine In 1922, the Beyond Machine project was tackled and is now referred to as the Beyond Flying Machine. In the summer of this year, a barn was built in a small town near Munich. Part of the floor was excavated and cracks in the wooden walls were sealed. An additional shed was added. In this shed soon all kinds of technical-looking individual parts gathered ... The otherworldly flying machine was put into operation! - It consisted of a disk eight meters in diameter, above which there was a parallel-bearing disk with a diameter of 6.5 meters, and underneath another disk with a diameter of seven meters. These three panes were broken in the middle by a 1.80 meter diameter hole in which the 2.40 meter high drive unit was mounted. At the bottom the central body ended in a conical point, from which a huge pendulum reaching into the basement ensured the stabilization of the device. In the activated state, the upper and lower disks probably rotated in opposite directions in order to initially build up an electromagnetic field of rotation - and at the same time to generate the intercosmic oscillation that prevails in the otherworld of the Green Land. According to the principle of the affinity of vibrations, the basic condition for the flight into the hereafter is to be created. The power unit, the drive of the otherworldly flying machine is described as a special type of battery. Presumably it was a high-energy special capacitor for short-term highest possible energy peaks and served as a starter for the three discs, which probably formed a special electric motor as well as an electric generator at the same time. - However, the information about the otherworldly flying machine is very poor, it is even possible that some deliberately misleading information was interspersed in order to ensure secrecy. The Beyond Flying Machine was experimented with for two years. Funding aid for this project appears under the code JFM in the accounts of several German industrial companies. Certainly the Vril engine emerged from the otherworldly flying machine (formally referred to as Schumann SM-Levitqtor). What services the machine in the hereafter performed - or possibly not performed - is unknown. In any case, at the beginning of 1924 it was dismantled and brought to Augsburg and stored there. The assumption that the otherworldly flying machine was handed over to the Messerschmitt works in Augsburg can neither be proven nor refuted. But it may not be a coincidence when the first Haunebu test device flies fifteen years later in Augsburg. The machine in the hereafter would have been the basis for the Thule engine. 32

33 For the Vril and Thule folks, a decade of intense research followed. It is very likely that the project of dimensional canal flight, which later became so important, assumed solid forms at that time. And as reported in the 'karthager book': The gods fought their battles in the afterlife with bold equipment against the forces of the evil spirit .. Principle of multiple space - time leaps. or the librations journey. The JENSEITS - flying machine should generate an extremely strong field around itself and its immediate surroundings, which made the space sector enclosed by it, including the machine and its users, a microcosm that is completely independent of the rest of this world, and yet also another microcosm. This microcosm generated by the beyond - the otherworldly microcosm would be completely independent of all surrounding universal forces and influences - such as gravitation, electromagnetism and radiation, as well as matter of any kind - at maximum field strength and could be within any gravitational and other field and everyone The gaseous agglomeration of matter can be moved at will and accelerated in a vacuum to almost the speed of light - without any acceleration forces becoming effective or noticeable in it. Yes, from a certain field strength the microcosm would leave our relatively present universe and suddenly appear in its relative past; namely in that universal part of this world of the past. whose at that time cosmic-evolutionarily conditioned higher universal energy potential corresponded exactly to that of the generated microcosm. In purely theoretical terms, the microcosm with the central hereafter-machine and its pilot could reach the earliest past of the universe and its beginning of expansion from a white hole. As with an acceleration that almost corresponds to the universal speed of expansion and light, due to the time stretching effect occurring in this highly relativistic speed range - frozen in time, so to speak - up to its very distant end due to a universal contraction to a black hole. According to the strictly scientific definition of the ancient Sumerian - Babylonian doctrine of the hereafter and this world, i.e. paracosmology and cosmology (Ilu - Ishtar, Ilu - Aschera. Paracosmology of Ilu), our cosmos on this side arose from a quantum of the hereafter, which - like everything hereafter, whether inanimate Beyond matter and energy, whether animated otherworldly beings, whose highest form of existence is the central god of light (IL) - is infinitely dense, energetic and elastic for this worldly terms. This hereafter quantum expanded as a result of a certain otherworldly event (see llu-ischtar) initially to a now already this worldly white hole and this to the universe known to us today, which basically only serves the purpose of the afterlife beings that have failed due to an afterlife event as Helping this worldly beings, for example as humans, to a normal existence on the other side again. - So much for paracosmology and cosmology here. 33

34 But what energy should the afterlife machine be fed with in order to generate its extremely strong, initially special electromagnetic field of rotation, combined with a controllable anti-gravity effect and a simultaneous protective screen against negative material and energetic influences, as well as colliding objects and atmospheric frictional heat? The theoretical basis for the machine in the hereafter - or flying machine in the hereafter - can be found in the hereafter - this world - cosmologies that have already been outlined, i.e. paracosmology and cosmology with their ancient spiritual basis. On the other hand, there are similarities with the already briefly mentioned devices and systems of so-called electrogravity tachyon and free energy constructions, of which the afterlife machine is probably just a special variant - or perhaps more correctly) a forerunner variation. When our (this-worldly) universe arose around 20 billion years ago from an afterlife quantum of infinite density, energy and elasticity, which in the next moment passed into a (this-sided) white hole and again in the next moment expanded explosively in all directions, there weren't only its energy potential and its density, but also the values ​​of its natural constants, such as the universal expansion and speed of light and the gravitational constant, the general attraction of mass, almost infinitely times as large as today. Only in the course of the expansion of the universe and the billions of years that passed did the energy potential and all natural constants - such as the speed of light and the expansion speed of the universe, as well as the general attraction of mass, the gravitational constant - decrease to today's values. So there is a UNIVERSAL PAST-PRESENT ENERGY AND NATURAL CONSTANT GAP. Without this special cosmic - evolutionary gradient, neither the otherworldly flying machine nor a space - time flying ship, which represented the afterlife machine at the heart of the matter: In other words, an airworthy "time machine".Also all electrogravity - tachyon - and free - energy - devices, which are basically nothing more than primitive time machines (if they work), are dependent on the just described prerequisites. It is always about using a correspondingly high frequency and high electrical voltage to create an energetic situation in your immediate or nearer surroundings within a narrowly limited space, as it has prevailed within a certain period of time in the past of our universe. This creates a kind of time tunnel or space-time wormhole from our relative present to the relative past, and through this channel energy from the past can then flow into the relevant present apparatus. What this creates could be called a perpetuum mobile effect. In a somewhat modified constructive form, such an apparatus can also produce gravitational and antigravity effects of lesser to greater strength; in which through the micro-time tunnel or the micro-space-time wormhole, besides electromagnetic energy from gravity from the past - as a kind of gravitational pull - becomes effective in the present; namely as an anti-gravity effect. So much in brief words about the functional principle of the otherworldly flying machine and the later Vril engine. For a better understanding of all matter, we should look at the universe before it emerged from a white hole, or afterlife wormhole to the present universe, which is many billions of light years across, an expansion universe consisting of an infinite number of space-time shells, to introduce. These space-time shells - symbolically similar to an onion - exist unchangeably as long as the universe exists. Therefore, with a space-time-flying machine such as the hereafter machine, in principle any past-space-time shell could be reached. This may give a brief glimpse into the interior of things, which would lead too far to deal with in detail here. The only surviving drawing of the otherworldly flying machine. 34

35 You move wrong A man from the very beginning in the field of New Science was the Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger. His saying: You move wrong! summarizes in one sentence about which Schumann reported in detail. It is not entirely certain when the connection to Schauberger came about, but there was certainly a connection between him and the VriI people. The Schauberger flying tops worked according to the levitation principle. Initially, they were small unmanned aerial probes that were built at Schauberger in Wiener Neustadt, devices about 1.80 meters in diameter. As already mentioned, there is no reliable information about the closer connections between Schauberger and Schumann. But it could very well be that there was even an exchange of letters between these two researchers. It is certain that Schauberger later received concrete support from the SS-E-IV, the technical division of the Thule Society. 35

36 The RFZ 1 The UFO was born in 1934 and among the people of the Vril Society - even if the beginning was a failure. Around ten years after the fate of the otherworldly flying machine was lost in the dark, namely in June 1934, a very strange-looking thing stood on the little-used site of the German aircraft factory Arado in Brandenburg. It looked like an aircraft with no propellers made of two huge beer mats. This thing, the RFZ (Rundflugzeug) 1, was the first experimental aircraft operated with anti-gravity effect. Its main builders were Dr. Schumann and an engineer from Bochum. This RFZ 1 consisted of a two-disc Vril drive of a pilot's cockpit on top, a tail unit borrowed from an Arado 196 (?) And a couple of runners that were attached at the bottom instead of a landing gear. The RFZ 1 took off on its first and only flight on a beautiful, sunny June day. At first it rose to an estimated 60 meters high, but then began to stagger and dance in the air for several minutes. The tail unit attached to the control turned out to be completely ineffective. With great difficulty Lothar Waiz, the pilot, managed to get the RFZ 1 back on the ground, jump out and run away a few dozen meters. Then the RFZ 1 began to behave like a gyro until it overturned and literally tore apart. The rubble is said to have been spread over a hundred meters. That was the end of RFZ 1 but the beginning of the VRIL missiles. 36