What is sparkling Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir)

"The most capricious" and most demanding red wine grape in the world is one of the oldest cultivated grapes in human history and has already driven many winemakers to despair: good Pinot Noir cannot be surpassed in its delicate, deep sensuality, but it is extremely difficult to produce. At its best, it shows deep, complex aromas of light berries and nutmeg, underlaid with a fine scent of cedar wood.

2019 Pinot Noir "SAURUS", Familia Schroeder
red, dry, Patagonia, Argentina

The Schroeder winery is increasing impressively from year to year: A bubbly source of aromas from blueberries and black cherries breaks through. This wonderful fruit continues on the palate, paired with vanilla aromas from the barrique. The subterranean, introverted, earthy note that ...
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Item No. 510500119

10.95 € * 0.75l (1 l = 14.60 €)
2019 Pinot Noir "Catalpa", Bodega Atamisque
red, dry, Mendoza, Argentina

This Pinot Noir brings together everything that the forest has to offer in terms of red berries - from raspberries to lingonberries, plus a pinch of forest soil, roasted almonds and a little cocoa. The wine thus hits the right note between cheerful carelessness and nuanced spice from the barrique.
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Item No. 510400319

12.80 € * 0.75l (1 l = 17.07 €)
  • certified organic
  • biodynamic
  • vegan
2016 Pinot Noir dry "Barrique", Weingut Vorgrimmler
red, dry, Baden, Germany

The vines come from mostly Burgundian clones. The must is traditionally fermented with its own yeast in an open mash container, aged in one to ten year old barriques for at least two years and filled unfiltered. The very first time you try it, you are convinced that a ...
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Item No. 716100116

15.80 € * 0.75l (1 l = 21.07 €)
2020 Pinot Noir & Merlot Rosé dry "From a single source", Lukas Kesselring
rosé, dry, Palatinate, Germany

Lukas Kesselring married Pinot Noir and Merlot to a delightfully fruity, small work of art. It blinks beguilingly pink from the glass, its promising scent of small wild strawberries and juicy currants with a splash of vineyard peach beckons. Fruity and bold, it dances across the palate ...
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Item No. 706902220

7.95 € * 0.75l (1 l = 10.60 €)
2016 Pinot Noir dry "Gabelstück", Weingut Gabel
red, dry, Palatinate, Germany

Oliver Gabel is one of the very few in Germany who succeeds in catching the elusive magic of the great Pinot Noirs and capturing it in the bottle. His "fork piece" was created especially for Rindchen's Weinkontor: an elegant, ruby-red sparkling wine with an enticing, fresh, mineral-based ...
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Item No. 714400716

15.80 € * 0.75l (1 l = 21.07 €)
2020 Pinot Noir Rosé "Vom Kalkstein" dry, Schlossmühlenhof winery
white, dry, Rheinhessen, Germany

This wine from young star Nicolas Michel will delight you with its enticing raspberry nose and a very fine fruit on the palate. It is lively and soft at the same time in a unique way. His subtle ending makes him a gallant seducer!
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Item No. 713501620

8.75 € * 0.75l (1 l = 11.67 €)
2017 Crémant Pfalz Brut "Senator", Wachenheim Castle
sparkling, dry, Germany

The ancestral home of Schloss Wachenheim is located in the heart of the Palatinate, surrounded by some of the best vineyards in Germany. This white Crémant Brut, produced in traditional bottle aging, is a blend of Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir. The latter adds a touch of ...
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Item No. 708210817

14.80 € * 0.75l (1 l = 19.73 €)
2014 Champagne Brut "La Préférence", Baron Albert
sparkling, dry, Champagne, France

Intense nose of a basket full of nuts and sourdough bread, incredibly fresh on the palate: lime and citrus blossoms meet - a perfect champagne.
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Item No. 200123014

29.80 € * 0.75l (1 l = 39.73 €)
2019 Pinot Noir dry, Blanc de Noir, Laquai winery
white, dry, Rheingau, Germany

The whole noblesse of Pinot Noir from rare slate floors - captured in a white wine: a pure, beguiling fruit of pear and yellow plum delights your nose. On the palate, the wine is juicy and powerful, at the same time blessed with a ravishing minerality. Pure charming seduction!
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Item No. 703519919

9.95 € 7.50 € * 0.75l (1 l = 10.00 €)
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