What's the quickest way to forget

How do i forget him? 6 tips to make you feel better soon

Unfortunately, we often make the mistake of constantly spinning around our lost love when we are lovesick. We hear HIS songs, look at old photos, stalk him and howl our eyes out of our heads. It would be healthier for us if we tried to forget about him as quickly as possible. The only question is: How do I forget him when I have nothing else floating around in my head than longing for him and the old days?

How do i forget him? Here's a little battle plan:

1. Get rid of it!

His perfume, his last birthday present, the little pendant you've been wearing for years? Sorry, everything has to go (it doesn't have to go straight to the trash, a box in the back of the basement is enough). Keyword: Out of sight, out of mind. There is really something to it. Not only about HIM as a person, but also all the little things that remind you of him.

2. Create new rituals!

Almost every place reminds you of it? Then change that. All of these places need a new meaning. Force yourself to visit these places too, preferably with the nicest company you can imagine. And then do everything differently than you used to do with him. Have a different drink in your regular bar, sit down somewhere else, eat different dishes, discover new things in the old. In this way, the places of remembrance are quickly filled with new associations and become YOUR places instead of YOURS.

3. Don't stalk!

Just check out Facebook to see if he has a new acquaintance. Look on Instagram to see if he has uploaded new pictures - just like that, without ulterior motives - is clear! To forget? It doesn't work like that. After all, your plan is: "How do I forget it?" Therefore: paws away from his profile pages in the social media channels. Don't even look for him on Tinder or ask his friends about him. Otherwise you will only prolong your suffering.

4. Bring on the distraction!

A day in the beauty spa or a short trip to Berlin with your best friend? Now you treat yourself to something! Don't think about what it will cost. No matter! Right now you need a few pats. So what? There's nothing lousy than lovesickness. That is why the money is well invested.

5. Power yourself off!

Clear your mind and produce happiness hormones - that's the motto. And it's so easy. Sport is a real silver bullet. Use them for your purposes. If you sweat in the gym or swing your hips in Zumba, you meet other people and you definitely need to turn your head off. Sport is now good for you and if you are a socionaut and don't feel like meeting people, then go jogging alone with your favorite music on your ears. The bad thoughts can hit you - you just run away from them!

6. Find new experiences

If you're still wondering, "How do I forget it?", Change your day-to-day life. Do things you never did before. These can be very small things, like just getting up at five in the morning, drinking a hot coffee and watching the sun slowly rise. Have a blind date. Start new hobbies. Go other ways. Dress differently. A new hairstyle. No matter what. Then you will no longer feel this void that he inevitably left in your life. Simply because your everyday life looks very different. New. Exciting. Free.

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