Can I activate my card?

Activate SIM card: This is how it works at Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and Co.

At Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and all other network operators there are many different ways to activate the new SIM card. We'll show you what to do with the most popular providers.

Since your new SIM card will be sent to you in the mail, it usually has to be activated before you can use the cellular tariff you have ordered. This is a bit annoying, but an important safety measure. Because if the SIM card falls into the hands of a stranger, it is useless for him this way. But don't worry, activating a SIM card is not difficult. A quick call to your provider's customer service department is often enough.

Your SIM card does not fit in your smartphone? Here we tell you everything about the SIM card sizes, adapters and how to cut them to size.

Activate the Telekom SIM card

If you have ordered a new SIM card from Telekom, you only need to activate it if:

  • You have signed a contract extension with a new SIM card.
  • You have ordered a prepaid card.

As a new customer, your SIM card will always be activated by Telekom or the shop where you bought it. If you have requested a replacement card, it will also be activated automatically.

To activate your Telekom SIM card, you need the following: your ID, the SIM card number and the new mobile phone number. You can activate it both online and by phone via the customer center. But be careful: there are two different activation portals for prepaid and contract customers.

Activate the Vodafone SIM card

There are two ways to activate your Vodafone SIM card. If you are a contract customer and you received your card in the post, you have to call the customer center. If you have an old Vodafone SIM card, leave it in your smartphone for the time being. Then dial 1 22 29 on your mobile phone and follow the instructions. If there is no old card, you insert the new one directly into the SIM card slot and dial the number.

If you have got a CallYa prepaid card from Vodafone, you have to activate it via an online portal. Enter your SIM card and telephone number and the other data on the Vodafone website and agree to the terms and conditions. Your prepaid card will now be activated.

Activate the O2 SIM card

O2 SIM cards only need to be activated if you have bought them online or ordered them as a replacement card. However, the way to unlock differs. If you have signed a long-term or prepaid contract with O2 for the first time, you have to activate the SIM card on the O2online site. Existing customers go directly to the O2 login. Note, however, that O2 can take up to a day to activate the SIM card.

Activate the Aldi-Talk SIM card

There are two ways to activate your Aldi-Talk SIM cards:

  1. Call the Aldi-Talk customer service on 01806 95 95 60. Please note, however, that the call is chargeable and costs you up to 60 cents.
  2. Register your SIM card on the Aldi Talk site. For this you need your SIM card number and the PUK2.

Activate 1 & 1 SIM card

You can only activate your new 1 & 1 SIM card online. You can do this either via the 1 & 1 Control Center on your computer or via the app of the same name.

The 1 & 1 Control Center App is available free of charge for Android and iOS:

Activate the Congstar SIM card

Congstar has two different online portals for SIM card activation. If you have ordered a replacement card, you must have it over My con star activate. If you want to activate a Congstar prepaid card, you have to register it on the Congstar prepaid card page. Have your phone and PUK numbers ready.

Activate Mobilcom Debitel SIM card

Mobilcom Debitel SIM cards must be activated via an online service before you can use them. Register for it at My Mobilcom Debitel and have your phone number and identity card ready.