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Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Phitsanulok

The Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Phitsanulok is located in the city of the same name in the central region of Thailand and was founded in 1995 as part of a nationwide network of a total of 12 boarding schools for scientific co-education. In accordance with its mission statement, the school strives to create equal educational opportunities for all of its 720 students at the institution; successful applicants are funded with a full scholarship.

School program

The PCSHS Phitsanulok offers classes in middle (grades 7 to 9) and upper (grades 10 to 12) secondary education. As a boarding school with a MINT profile, applicants must take entrance exams with a MINT focus. In grades 7 to 9, 24 students are taught in four classes, and from the 10th grade in six classes per year.


In addition to the MINT subjects, English in particular is promoted as the first foreign language. In addition, the 7th grade curriculum optionally provides for the choice of German, Japanese or Chinese as a second foreign language. These are taught in two 50-minute hours per week over a period of two years. The same option is also available for students in class 10.

German lesson

Through the “Schulwärts” campaign and the language assistant program, an assistant from Germany accompanies the German lessons at the PCSHS every year.

PASCH activities and international exchange

Since we were recognized as a PASCH school in 2009, we have regularly participated in PASCH activities. The PASCH JuKu scholarship has been awarded annually since 2010. In the past, boarding school students were able to take part in various PASCH camps; including 2015 at the “Roboschool” in Dresden and in 2018 at the “MINT fürs Leben” school camp in Indonesia. In addition, the PCSHS has been offering a three-week exchange program with the Freihof-Gymnasium Göppingen since 2011.