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Make-up artist (current employee) - Distretto di Locarno, TI - August 19, 2018
I love working for MAC and I love their products and their inspirational creativity. The products are amazing, the range is huge and MAC cares about their employees!
Retail Sales (Current Employee) - Florida - May 16, 2021
There isn't any room for advancement. There is definitely favoritism in the company. I always felt like rules and regulations were changing on the dime. We had three times the paperwork that should be required for the job
Absolutely loved working for MAC when I did. A lot of people have different experiences but I became family with all my MAC people in the state. Easily build relationships with your coworkers!
Employee discount, free products, paid 2x 15 min breaks, paid vacation
very strict on their sale goals.
Mac used to be a great place to work that took care of their employees, but like many after the pandemic they’ve suffered. They are quick to let people go and it's now so much harder to move up with the company due to them terminating a lot of positions. It's almost paced and requires a lot of knowledge of cosmetics, however now it's less artistry based and more sales driven. A little bit more close knit than say a Sephora but I think the brands identity is having some trouble.
60% off cosmetics, rewarding customer interactions
Poor management, frequent policy changes
Fun workplace to be at if you are a creative individual. Very hard to move up although they have certifications. It is better to be employed by Estee Lauder than any other branch company due to unfairness in benefits like discounts. I remember when I was employed at the airport working as a Mac Employee it was difficult for me to get days off.
I use to work for MAC over a decade ago and returned to the company after developing much leadership experience. I was a retail manager for a location that was basically ran into the ground. I did a great turnover however the support and positive energy from corporate was definitely lacking. This brand has tanked and not only do they no longer compensate their employees as greatly as they use to, they’ve really dropped the ball in maintaining a positive reputation in the artistry culture.
With the new CEO we've seen lots of negative changes. Pay cuts, a move to a commission based pay model, and managers are no longer salary. However, they are still expected to do “off the floor” tasks but are not goaled off the floor so it eats into sales and, ultimately, our commission. The brand is dying and clinging on for dear life. They now have “VIP” (social selling) goals, but we have no time off the floor to do these virtual appointments. They have eliminated many positions with almost no notice ... screwing over employees that have been with the brand for over 20 years. The company is starting to show its true colors and it's so sad because, at one time, they were the pinnacle of the makeup industry and known for being an amazing company to work for.
Passionate artists, employee discount
Pay cuts, layoffs, unrealistic goals during a global pandemic