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Used notebooks

Refurbished notebooks - your advantage with GreenPanda

Up to 3 years guarantee on all notebooks

Your lifetime is too important to deal with unreliable hardware. With business notebooks from GreenPanda you don't take any risks. We guarantee this with a guarantee of up to three years in addition to the warranty.

More about guarantee and warranty

Many dealers give guarantees, GreenPanda also gives a full guarantee. What's the difference? Warranty assures you that your product is in order at the time of delivery. If a deficiency is only noticed after eight months, it becomes problematic. In this case you have to prove that the deficiency has existed since the beginning.

Guaranteed capacities for notebook batteries

Would you like to have fun with your notebook even without a power socket? We guarantee that your battery will last. With every notebook you can see how high the remaining capacity is. The specification 75% means that the battery has at least 75% of the original capacity.

More about battery capacity

Many dealers give a functional guarantee. This usually means the battery will last 30 minutes or more. So that you can work on the move, we specify a minimum remaining capacity. This is mostly 75%, sometimes even 90%.

Quality and environmental management according to ISO standards

Do you love quality and nature? We also! We are constantly optimizing our processes so that we can offer you the best products and the best service. We keep our finger on the pulse. And we have ourselves recertified every year in the areas of quality and environmental management.

No hassle thanks to the original software

illegal licenses often cause trouble. We want you to be able to use your notebook without worries. As a Microsoft partner, we only install original software. This runs stably and reliably.

More about illegal software

Many retailers install software illegally. This keeps the price low, but the trouble is built in. Microsoft occasionally turns off illegal software remotely. Another problem is the drivers. A notebook with the wrong drivers does not run stably. Frequent crashes are the result. Devices in which the operating system of the predecessor is resold are even more problematic. With a little bit of bad luck, you can buy a virus or trojan. As a partner, Microsoft provides us with a signed driver database. This is how we ensure that every notebook runs reliably. In the case of illegal installations, unsuitable drivers are often used and this leads to unstable systems.

Safe from viruses and attacks

Your data is important. So that you are safe from viruses and attacks, your notebook comes with excellent internet security software. The license is valid for three devices. You can install Bull-Guard Internet Security on two additional devices (mobile phone, tablet, PC). The license comes at no extra charge, so you save 59 €.

Secured - even in the event of a disaster

Your data is too important to be lost. We deliver your notebook with a sophisticated backup solution. So you can restore your installation and your data at any time.

More about backup software

We install a full version of Acronis on each notebook in advance. So you can make regular backups of your data. In addition, we store a first backup on the hard drive. With this initial backup, you can reset your notebook to the delivery status at the push of a button.

Hygienically cleaned

Your health is important to us. So that you can use your notebook carefree, we clean it intensively before it goes on the trip. Germs and viruses are effectively removed.

More about cleaning agents

We pay close attention to our suppliers and have chosen Dr. Quickly decided detergent. Dr. Quickly achieved gold status in the Ecovadis rating. This means that they live up to their social and ecological responsibility.