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Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

Gift for special customer

Would you buy a mid-range car for, say, 30,000 euros without a test drive? Certainly not. At least you would look at the object of desire in the showroom from all perspectives, pester the seller with questions, sit down - after all, 30,000 euros is a lot of money.

But there is another way. Completely different. When Ferrari presented its latest carbon fiber accelerator muscle, once again created by Pininfarina, to the public more than a year ago, the 645,000 euro roadworthy racing device was already sold out. Due to the great demand, Ferrari boss Montezemolo increased the planned number of units from 349 to 399 copies at the premiere at the Paris Motor Show in 2002. Until now, nobody had seen the super-bolid, internally known as FX, up close. Let alone driven. Around 600 inquiries came from Germany alone, around 60 Enzos actually roll to Germania. The lion's share, around 28 percent, goes to North America.

Roland Eisenschmidt (name changed by the editors), self-employed businessman from the extreme south of the republic and in a few weeks one of around 60 German Enzo owners, explains the purchase procedure: "You can't just go to the nearest Ferrari dealer, Leaf 645,000 euros on the table and after 15 to 18 months - that's the delivery time - pick up your Enzo. " After all, Ferrari understands its limited special series such as F50 (349 pieces) or Enzo as a "gift for special Ferrari customers".

277,000 euros security deposit

At the very beginning there is also going to the dealer. But he first passes the application on to Ferrari Germany. "To identify yourself as a special Ferrari customer, you should have a few other Ferraris in the garage." Having an F40 or F50 is helpful, but not essential. Celebrity status can also help, such as guitar legend Eric Clapton or Jamiroquai mastermind Jay-Kay.

If Ferrari appreciates the purchase interest, you will receive mail. "With a simple declaration of acceptance, Ferrari declares that it has been accepted into the illustrious circle of those interested in Enzo." Now coal is due: Within 15 days from the date of the declaration of acceptance, a first security deposit of 111,000 euros, to be transferred to Ferrari Germany.

"Then you wait again until the production date is set." And transfers, again within a period of 15 days, another security deposit of 166,000 euros. That makes a total of 277,000 euros for a car that you might have seen at a car show by then. "Many forest and meadow manufacturers take better care of their customers," says Ferrari fan Eisenschmidt.

Technical data at a glance

Once the production date has been set, the first close contact with the longed-for racing car is on: the seat test. "Right on the line in Maranello, where the Enzo is handcrafted, there is a so-called seat box. Here you can try out four different seat sizes. The position of the pedals is also adapted to the driver." Then it is time to wait again. Until the "readiness notice" comes: The car is ready and can be picked up. Now you pay the remaining 368,000 euros. Or, if the customer no longer wants the Enzo, 15 percent of the purchase price as compensation.

That should hardly happen. Enzos are currently being traded on the Internet for 700,000 to 980,000 euros. "Such a car is more stable in value and more profitable than any property," says Eisenschmidt. And it's a lot of fun. The Ferrari fan fears only one thing: "Big tire punctures. Spare wheel or jack are not on board, only Tirefit." So a potential property after all.

Technical specifications • Engine V12 gasoline engine 65 degrees • Installation in the middle, in front of the rear axle • Four valves per cylinder • Transmission six-speed gearshift, electrohydraulic • Displacement 5998 cm3 • Output 485 kW / 660 PS at 7800 rpm • Maximum torque 657 Nm at rpm 5500 • 0–100 km / h: 3.65 seconds (official factory specification) / 3.27 seconds (Ferrrari test) • 0–200 km / h: 9.5 seconds • Top speed> 350 km / h • Standard consumption: ns . A. Super Plus • Front and rear tires 245/35 and 345/35 • price 645,000 euros