Why is European chocolate so terrifyingly delicious

Halifax - As the name suggests, Ü-eggs are always good for surprises - but a young mother from England would never have expected this terrifying content.

Delicious chocolate paired with a cute surprise - the apparently simple concept of the “Ferrero surprise eggs” has delighted small and large sweet tooth for over 40 years.

The candy manufacturer has recently come under fire because, according to media reports, it is said to have condemned children in Romania to hard labor - nevertheless, all the bizarre toys, which are usually in yellow covers covered in delicate chocolate, are as popular among children as ever and ever.

The Englishwoman Sophie Brown wanted to please her son Riley and bring him an egg.

After all, little Riley on the Facebook picture above is crazy about the sweet eggs. But when the young mother stood in front of the shelf in the supermarket, she made a mistake with serious consequences: She did not opt ​​for the original, but inadvertently took a cheaper variant with her.

Bad surprise: there were four capsules and two tablets in the egg

When she finally left her son unsuspecting with the candy, Brown's worst nightmare could have come true - it turned out that instead of a harmless plastic figure there were four capsules and two tablets inside the Ü-egg.

Fortunately, the two-year-old hadn't been able to open the egg on her own - but the very fact that she had risked her son's life with an unsuspecting purchase shocked the young mother. The 22-year-old from Halifax immediately alerted the police, who are now investigating the case.

The active ingredients are called Tramadol and MDZ

According to the "Daily Star", the fateful Ü-egg was a fake in the popular Minion style. As the British newspaper reports, a nurse has now examined the pills and recognized the extremely dangerous ingredients tramadol and MDZ. Even a small dose can cause immediate death. "This is really, really scary," said Sophie Brown in an interview with the newspaper. “I want to warn other parents. You could make the same mistake. So I have to urge you all to watch your children while they open an egg. "

The case has stoked great fears among the British population: Do criminals have a hand in this and try to promote the illegal sale of addictive drugs to young people? An opportunity the local police are not ruling out, but British reports say they will do everything in their power to put an end to the hustle and bustle.

Many collectors are after chocolate egg eggs. But the popular characters are only in "every seventh egg". These tips will increase your chances.


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